Your License to Create Licenses

2024-06-11 - 2024-06-12
Online Masterclass

Taking the driver's seat and accelerating away without a license? Despite the advancements in assistance systems, artificial intelligence, and autonomous driving technologies, this concept remains purely utopian in today's world. Moreover, should this scenario ever materialize, you would still be required to direct your car towards a destination or specify tasks you wish to complete. In the realm of motorsport, meticulous fine-tuning is essential—it extracts the "last tenth" of performance by customizing the car to suit the driver's precise needs. In this high-stakes environment, the synergy between a driver’s tactical communication and the engineers' technical expertise is pivotal, ultimately determining whether the outcome is triumph or defeat.

With CodeMeter License Central, the analogy holds. You take the wheel. You choose which license models to deploy. Our specialists are akin to engineers, providing support with their extensive experience from myriad projects, encompassing both the establishment of foundational settings and day-to-day operational assistance. As requirements and personal preferences evolve, and as technological advancements continue unabated, it becomes essential to periodically reassess the foundational settings, that is, to perform the necessary fine-tuning.

A proficient driver must possess a deep understanding of the vehicle to offer valuable feedback to the engineers. This is precisely the objective of our webinar—it equips you with the essential tools. During this session, you will discover the optimal settings for various requirements and learn about configurations that are best reserved for exceptional circumstances.

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Here are the key topics we will focus on:

  • Seat Adjustment: Implementing a new Firm Code
  • Fastening the Seatbelt: Configuring the available Firm Codes
  • Route Settings: Global settings for license creation
  • Voice Recognition: Global settings for support processes
  • Electric or Gas: Setting up CmContainer types

Starting with a freshly installed CodeMeter License Central Internet Edition, the setup process is meticulously carried out step-by-step and thoroughly explained. These steps vary only slightly between the systems offered as SaaS by Wibu-Systems and the on-premises systems that you operate yourself.

Much like in motorsport, where a critical error in tuning can derail the entire race, with CodeMeter License Central, the repercussions can be severe. The settings themselves may not be incorrect; they simply may not align with the specific requirements. Identifying such discrepancies can be challenging, and resolving them often requires significant interventions and considerable effort.

Through this webinar, our goal is to equip you with the necessary tools to either configure the basic settings on your own or customize them with the assistance of our experts to better suit your specific applications. This foundational knowledge is crucial for ensuring smooth operations and providing optimal support for your processes.

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