Smart Production Solutions - SPS

2021-11-23 - 2021-11-25
Nuremberg, Germany

The show has been cancelled last minute. However, Wibu-Systems remains available for web meetings with prospects and the press. Just contact us to schedule a chat with our team.

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A taste of normality is returning to Nuremberg this year: The popular Smart Production Solutions - SPS 2021 – trade fair is opening its doors for a unique hybrid experience. A dedicated digital platform is taking the best lessons from one year of remote and virtual exhibitions and conferences to accompany the return of a live and in-person expo experience. As a loyal exhibitor at SPS, Wibu-Systems is not missing this opportunity to catch up with old and new friends and showcase the newest innovations from the CodeMeter world.

The digital industrial world is as diverse as its analogue predecessor. It comprises the well-known names of traditional industry as much as agile new enterprises, its products range from the largest structures built by man to the tiniest, micro-scale components, and it includes every conceivable technology in its arsenal: Conventional and virtual operating systems, functions and applications created in different languages, hardware of every shape and size, from heavy machinery to desktop computers or mobile and embedded devices, all woven into a vast network of on-premise, cloud, or edge systems. What all these many actors and systems have in common is their need for protection and secure monetization.

Wibu-Systems is coming to SPS 2021 to introduce visitors to its newest contributions to a safer digital industrial world. Our engineers have been busy, crafting new flagship solutions like CodeMeter Cloud, the newest addition to the CodeMeter family that brings licensing and protection capabilities to cloud environments with novel user binding schemes and extensive self-service capabilities. AxProtector, our protection mainstay, has been levelled up with dedicated versions for native use with JavaScript and Python, a must-have for innovative applications like machine learning (to be demoed live at SPS 2021). And CodeMeter Certificate Vault brings the ease and comfort of CodeMeter licensing to the realm of digital certificates, lowering the adoption threshold for this technology, with all its potential as a currency of trust in the digital networks that underpin today’s industrial life.

Visit SPS 2021 in person or online to discover these innovations and much more from Wibu-Systems. With our hardware and software designed for uncompromising protection, smart licensing, business empowerment, and all-around compatibility, we are making true on our promise of bringing protection and licensing to wherever it is needed: From the cloud to the device in your hand, from embedded systems in smart factories to customer-facing online services, and from your business vision to a secure and profitable business reality.



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