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Nobody enjoys being bossed around. Nobody enjoys having their every move monitored, especially if the checks and controls make life harder than they should. But if everybody did what they wanted, there would be anarchy. And the same is true for software licensing: Without any protections, your software will eventually fall victim to thieves and pirates. Tough and strict controls can help minimize that risk. Tools like CodeMeter Protection Suite make it easy to encrypt software and bind it irrevocably to a license. But when things go wrong – maybe the computer with the license breaks – it can mean that the user cannot keep working with their software on a new device.

This is where a license portal comes into play as the perfect self-service solution for your clients. You define what your users and distribution partners should be able to do on their own. Our license portal and CodeMeter License Central keep track of all license actions of your users and partners. You can check up on what happened at your leisure and intervene if there is any funny business with anybody.

You can set smart cut-off values to stop people from abusing the freedom you have given them. When one of these points is passed, it would be up to you to allow or disallow any action manually. This is the perfect compromise between the two extremes “Allow everything first and check up on it later” and “Allow nothing and control everything yourself”.

Self-service options for single users include:

  • Moving licenses to other devices / dongles / users
  • Recovering lost licenses
  • Creating and activating emergency licenses
  • Creating demo or trial licenses
  • Binding cloud licenses to other devices
  • Changing the access details for cloud licenses

But license portals are not just there to make life easier for individual users. They include features and functions that are perfect for commercial clients or multi-level distribution models. On top of individual users, you can define hierarchies of different roles for different client or partner levels. For instance, administrators and partners could see all licenses for their part of the tree, while end users can only see the licenses allotted to them or their specific unit.

License portals can also be set up to allow resellers or distribution partners to create their own full-scale licenses at the point of need. As with all of these features, this is an optional setting that you could configure for all partners or only for specific partners of your choosing

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There is lots to discover for you in our masterclass:

  • The basic configuration: WebDepot
  • Advanced configuration of the license portal:
    • User management
    • Multi-level user management
    • Ticket management
    • Support for CmCloudContainers
  • Customization options

All features of the license portal can also be accessed with a custom Software Activation Wizard. As the vendor, you decide which functions of the license portal to use and how your users will see them.

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