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23. Oktober 2017 bis 25. Oktober 2017

The EKON 21 welcomes the world’s leading Delphi experts, thinkers, and practitioners to share their craft and mastery secrets, offering a deep dive for the modern developer and architect aiming to transform technologies into valuable business solutions. Insights into the very latest innovations, methodologies, and best practices for Delphi, cross-platform, mobile, Windows 10, databases, frameworks, tools, web and cloud technologies will be revealed.

As a cybersecurity evangelist, Wibu-Systems is sponsoring the event to concentrate on the epicenter of prosperity for your software-powered business: secure license lifecycle management with CodeMeter, a complete security and entitlement platform that acts as a gatekeeper against piracy, reverse engineering, and tampering and enables lean and versatile software monetization. Our specialists will pinpoint the criteria for choosing the right security tools and the effective modi operandi you can put in place to create robust protection safeguards and a forward-looking range of licensing models.

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