2022-10-11 - 2022-10-27
Virtual Event

Celebrating its fourth edition this year, the fall edition of the INDUSTRY.forward Expo is bringing no fewer than 90 stimulating keynotes and panel debates, mind opener and tech sessions to the digital stage. More than a thousand participants will join a hundred speakers in eight content tracks, ranging from industrial automation to energy solutions – all in line with this edition’s headline topic: Resilience and sustainability.

At Wibu-Systems, we believe in the positive power of innovation to shape a new, more sustainable and altogether better industrial age – if it is done with the necessary care and creativity. That is why we will be part of the digital conference to introduce the capabilities of our CodeMeter technology to not only protect software and secure businesses against cyber-risks, but to be a real business enabler with new license-driven business models. Early-bird attendees can catch our CEO and founder Oliver Winzenried at 9 am on 19 October with his talk on “Flexible subscriptions and their potential for mechanical engineering”, in which he will explore how subscriptions and other flexible models can harness the power of software-based machine functionalities to break the monolithic technological and commercial paradigms of conventional industry. By lowering the entry threshold for modern industrial hardware, new markets can be created for mechanical engineers and industry outfitters, and the insights and intelligence gleaned from use tracking promise not only greater oversight and cybersecurity, but also invaluable data for smart pricing or business development – a win-win all around.



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