Wibu-Systems wins its first TOP 100 innovation award

  • The TOP 100 award celebrates innovative small to medium-sized businesses in Germany.
  • Wibu-Systems receives its first TOP 100 award for its innovative prowess in the field of software and data protection.
  • The official award ceremony will be hosted in Augsburg, Germany on 23 June.

Successful bid for the coveted innovation award – Ranga Yogeshwar to congratulate the winners in June

Wibu-Systems receives its first TOP 100 award for its innovative work in licensing and protection of software and data and its company culture that drives sustainable innovation.

WIBU-SYSTEMS AG from Karlsruhe has won the TOP 100 award 2023 for the company’s prowess as an innovation leader. The accolade goes only to the most innovative small to medium-sized enterprises in Germany. On 23 June, the popular German science communicator and journalist Ranga Yogeshwar will be congratulating Wibu-Systems’ key representatives in person at the official award ceremony in Augsburg. Yogeshwar is the mentor of the TOP 100 innovation competition.

The competition uses a strictly scientific selection process: On behalf of the award sponsor compamedia, the team around Professor Nikolaus Franke, innovation researcher at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, put winners like Wibu-Systems through their paces with more than one hundred individual criteria tested in five categories, asking whether the candidates’ top management team, climate, processes and structures support innovation, whether they are open and outward looking, and whether they are practically successful with their innovations. Of particular interest for the process is whether innovations occur as chance byproducts of routine operations or whether they are systematically planned for and reproducible.

This is Wibu-Systems first inclusion among the top innovators. The company was founded in 1989 by Oliver Winzenried and Marcellus Buchheit who continue to manage the company. Wibu-Systems has established itself as a technology leader in the protection and licensing of software and data, including AI models or 3D print designs used in industrial additive manufacturing. It offers an extensive, award-winning portfolio of patented solutions for copy and know-how protection, licensing, and security that prevent theft and manipulation on anything from embedded devices and PLCs to PCs and cloud systems.

Oliver Winzenried, founder and CEO of Wibu-Systems, is proud of the TOP100 award: “Innovation is the fuel for lasting commercial success. The future belongs to pioneering companies like Wibu-Systems whose innovations add real value and meaningful benefits for people, while staying sustainable, fair, and ethical. Our contribution is a safer digital life as part of a smarter economy, a more respectful digital society, and a healthier planet. We care about working with our partners and research institutions, not least as part of the exceptional ecosystem in our hometown of Karlsruhe, and about contributing to standardization in our field. That is why we have invested in the dedicated House of IT Security with its IT Security Club here on the Wibu-Systems campus, supporting our efforts in this area and in many other major technologies of tomorrow, like post-quantum cryptography and artificial intelligence.”

“With the TOP 100, we are verifying how important the commitment to innovation is for the companies we are screening”, says Professor Dr. Nikolaus Franke, the scientific head of the competition. “Do routine and habit hold sway, or are the companies able to challenge their set ways, get creative, and get new ways established in the markets? We are analyzing that key ability with more than one hundred criteria in our selection process.”

On 23 June, all top innovators of the year 2023 will be meeting in Augsburg to attend the award ceremony at the German Mittelstand Summit, where Ranga Yogeshwar will be on stage to congratulate them in person for their successful bid for the TOP 100.

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