SPS 2019: Adding IP Protection for native applications to CodeMeter Protection Suite


IP protection is a critical component of CodeMeter Protection Suite

Karlsruhe, Germany – Wibu-Systems rolls out its new IP Protection feature of CodeMeter Protection Suite at this year’s SPS expo in Nuremberg (hall 7, booth 660). When software developers choose to use the new IP Protection mode, their software is encrypted without affecting the user’s ability to run it on their computers. The developers’ know-how is securely protected, and the inner workings of their software stay secret. This empowers software vendors to distribute demo versions of their products or introduce new freemium models, where the basic version of an application is free to use, but additional features or new resources can be purchased at the point of need.

The IP Protection mode is supported by Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android. It will initially be available for use with native code to enable developers to protect executable files, DLLs and Shared Objects against reverse engineering. Compared to the other CodeMeter tools, this mode needs neither the runtime components of CodeMeter nor a container with encryption keys on the side of the user. The keys that are required are randomly generated in CodeMeter Protection Suite and stored in securely encrypted form in the protected software itself.

Ruediger Kuegler, Security Expert at Wibu-Systems, explains: “Our intention behind the IP Protection mode was to give developers a more comfortable option for protecting trial or demo versions or the free basic features of freemium software. We can also see it working in tandem with other licensing or software-based protection systems that developers are already using: the IP Protection mode slots in perfectly in an established setup like this. The new protection feature is ready for interested developers to try out and see its capabilities in action.”

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