Security as small as it gets


CodeMeter with worldwide smallest software protection dongle: Premiere at CeBIT 2011 and Embedded World 2011

Karlsruhe – Wibu-Systems introduces the world's smallest dongle at this year's spring fairs: the CodeMeter CmStick/C. Fair visitors are able to experience the CmStick/C for protecting and licensing software at the Wibu-Systems booth at CeBIT in Hall 11 B 25 and at Embedded World in Hall 11 at the joint Microsoft booth 318. The entire CodeMeter technology is compacted into a thumbnail-sized hardware device.

When connected, the extremely tiny case does not protrude more than 4 mm from the USB port. The functions of the CmStick/C match the ones of the other CodeMeter variants. The core, i.e. the SmartCard Chip, is integrated in the connector and safely stores thousands of licenses.

Although the case is tiny, customers are able to apply laser engravings or order their CmStick/C in several colors. Especially practical is the use of the new CodeMeter hardware for notebooks or installed in cash register systems, medical devices, or control systems of machines and plants.

"As small as it gets," said Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems AG. "With the CmStick/C we can meet the requests of our customers for whom our existing CmSticks are too big for the USB interface. We succeeded in integrating all components in an extremely small case. All components are self-designed and self-manufactured: the metal cage, the plastic component, and the chip-on-board with gold USB connector. With it projecting only 4 mm unplugging the CmStick/C is easy enough – you can't beat that."

The platform-independent CodeMeter solutions are available for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows Embedded, CE and Mobile, Mac OS X, Linux, Real-time Linux, VxWorks, and more. Support for the popular SoftPLC system is currently being developed and is expected this year.

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