dotnet Cologne

Cologne, Germany

As .NET developers are getting increasingly interested in core and new features, complementary technologies, and best practices, dotnet Cologne ends up fully booked each year. Its formula is simply unbeatable: one entire day run by software developers for software developers.

Once again, Wibu-Systems is a proud platinum sponsor of the event and committed to delivering a 360° experience for the vibrant .NET community. Speaking the language of the developers, our security professionals will be available both on stage and at our corner booth to discuss the ever-evolving prospects for Microsoft’s successful open-source cross-platform software framework.

In his lecture “Cloudy weather - Requirements for license management in the cloud”, 12.15 to 1.15 pm, in room 4/5, building 6, Stefan Bamberg, Senior Key Account and Partner Manager of Wibu-Systems, will take a closer look at how applications everywhere are moving up into the much-vaunted cloud and what that means for software publishers. Adapting an application originally designed as a client application to the requirements of the cloud is no trivial matter. Besides these foundational concerns, ISVs have to rethink their entire license lifecycle management and identify the system that can support them best during the migration process.

Wibu-Systems has a unique approach to license and entitlement management, which revolves around freedom: the freedom to select the license container of your choice, be it hardware, software or the cloud, the freedom to choose the dongle specifications that best meet your needs among more than 20 different form factors, the freedom to mix and match all the different types of license containers for each of your software deployments, the freedom to choose from 23 different types of preset licenses and adapt them to your needs, the freedom to transform the scope of your dongles when you assign licenses to them, the freedom to bind your licenses to existing Wibu-Systems dongles in the field, the freedom to encrypt the software automatically or manually, the freedom to sell dongles complete with your licenses or let the end users buy the dongles themselves, the freedom to trust a single technology for computers, embedded systems, PLCs, and microcontrollers, and the freedom to receive updates and upgrades of our core technology for free for a lifetime.



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