Glaser Protects its CAD/CAM IP with CodeMeter While Providing the CAD Design Expertise for Wibu-Systems New Headquarters in Karlsruhe


Wibu-Systems and Glaser Programmsysteme Leverage Each Other’s Technologies for Mutual Benefit

Glaser and Wibu-Systems leverage each other’s world class technologies: Wibu-Systems protects Glaser's IP with CodeMeter while Glaser provided its engineering expertise in the design and construction of Wibu-Systems’ new headquarters

Wibu-Systems, a global leader in the development of software protection, licensing, and security solutions, and Glaser Programmsysteme GmbH, a specialist in CAD software for the construction industry, have leveraged each other’s world class technologies on 2 fronts: Wibu-Systems’ provides Glaser with CodeMeter technology to protect its IP and enable flexible licensing solutions for its customers while Glaser provided its engineering expertise in the design and building of Wibu-Systems’ new headquarters and adjacent House of IT Security on its campus in Karlsruhe, Germany in 2021.

The business relationship between Wibu-Systems and Glaser began in 2012 when the company was introduced to the CodeMeter licensing and protection platform and decided to migrate its ISBCAD software to the .NET framework 4.0, which their current system did not support. To protect its ISBCAD software, Glaser needed a reliable and secure means to prevent copying and reverse engineering. They also needed a licensing platform with enough flexibility to scale their software packages to meet the usage models required by their customers. Plus, the creation and distribution of licenses had to be integrated into their existing sales processes.

Glaser evaluated two licensing systems and chose CodeMeter as the optimum solution.

Dipl.-lng. (FH) Matthias Glaser, Managing Director, explained why: “Using CodeMeter has empowered us to license ISBCAD reliably and with pinpoint precision for the needs of our clients. The remote update feature has streamlined our sales processes, getting our products faster into the hands of their users. CodeMeter also puts us in a perfect place to respond to new challenges coming from our clients’ IT preferences, such as virtualization or remote desktop solutions. The extensive and committed support that we experienced from the Wibu-Systems team at every step of the way has been exemplary and went a long way towards us reaching our goals in the ambitious timeframe we had set for the project.”

The collaboration between the two companies did not stop there. In 2017, Wibu-Systems began planning its new expanded campus in Karlsruhe, Germany, incorporating a new modern facility for the company’s headquarters alongside a novel cooperative endeavor, called the House of IT Security. Both buildings were created with the joint expertise of the structural engineers of Haag Ingenieure from Ettlingen, Germany and the CAD specialists of Glaser. The engineers at Haag’s turned to Glaser for their specialized construction ISBCAD engineering software. ISBCAD narrows down the functional spectrum of regular, unspecific CAD applications to concentrate specifically on creating perfect architectural and structural engineering plans, with particularly powerful functions for reinforcement, cladding, and formwork calculations. The resulting data could be easily exported with a range of file formats and interfaces at the user’s disposal. This included the ability to produce the data for enveloping surface calculations, a must-have for designing buildings to comply with Germany’s strict energy efficiency standards. Wibu-Systems was proud to announce the completion of the project and moved into its new facility from January to July 2021.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO and co-founder of Wibu-Systems: “We wanted to create something more than just a new office block – a smart place that adds something to our environment and to our community here in Karlsruhe. That meant intelligent engineering to make this site as inviting and community-forming as we wanted it and as eco-friendly and secure as we needed it. Haag Ingenieure helped us achieve exactly that, by an amazing coincidence, with CAD software made by our clients Glaser and protected by our very own CodeMeter technology."

Matthias Glaser added: “We see serendipity at work, with our company’s ISBCAD software contributing to a new home for our software product partner. With our own commitment to always provide reliable and innovative products and services for practitioners and our belief in maintaining lasting and sustainable relationships with our clients and partners, we are proud that our company was part of this venture.”

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