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IOT Solutions World Congress


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3 octubre 2017 to 5 octubre 2017

The IOT Solutions World Congress, co-organized in partnership with the Industrial Internet Consortium, expanded quickly to become the largest hub for new IoT technologies that are reshaping our world. With 250+ influential speakers and 100+ expert-led sessions, the IOTSWC is attracting key decision makers from around the globe. Several hundred pre-scheduled meetings through the brokerage service, ground-breaking testbeds, and the highly celebrated award program make the IOTSWC an exceptional event full of action and opportunities.

The role of the Advisory Board and the Program Committee that we are part of has been decisive in ensuring that high quality content standards are met and the panel is representative of a broad lineup of key stakeholders. Embracing the spirit of use case centric sessions, Wibu-Systems will present two success stories:

  • On Oct. 4th, 12.20 to 12.55 pm, in room 1, within the Manufacturing track and together with Oliver Puetz-Gerbig, RFID Senior Product Manager at Balluff, Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems, will talk about Monetizing the Industrie 4.0 with a License-Based Economy. An Industrie 4.0 technology-driven and marketplace-centered blueprint developed within the context of IUNO, the German National Reference Project for IT Security in Industrie 4.0, has been applied to the manufacturing of customized kitchen furniture. The secure and automated manufacturing process relies on intelligent sensors from Balluff that level up traditional RFID readers by introducing new security measures for OPC UA communication (with cryptographic keys and certificates stored in hardware secure elements), data storage on RFID tags, and know-how protection. Additionally, a possible further development of the RFID reader platform may provide greater revenue generation through the integration of an appstore-handled license lifecycle and an entitlement management system.
  • On October 5th, 12.15 to 12.50 pm, in room 3, Oliver Winzenried will also address how the IoT is changing the Healthcare landscape and offer his view on Price-Responsive Business Models for the Healthcare Industry. Integrating CodeMeter in Fritz Stephan’s emergency ventilator units EVE has facilitated the company’s expansion into new global markets. A scalable licensing model that enables the remote activation of features on-demand lowers upfront investments for customers and enables modular pricing. IP protection, the privacy and integrity of patient data, and secure and regular online updates of the device software safeguard the invested know-how.

You can meet Oliver Winzenried and dive deeper into the discussion around secure license management as a business enabler for the IoT age at our booth inside the Industrial Internet Consortium member pavilion.

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