Wibu-Systems Revolutionizes Software Protection with AxProtector CTP, Winning the 2024 German Innovation Award

  • Innovative Protection: AxProtector CTP introduces a groundbreaking approach to software security by integrating obfuscation directly into the compile process, effectively combating reverse engineering.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Designed for Windows, Linux, and macOS, ensuring versatile application across various operating systems.
  • Enhanced Licensing Features: Combines robust IP protection with flexible licensing capabilities, including modular licensing and a license-free mode.
  • Award-Winning Technology: Recognized with the prestigious 2024 German Innovation Award for Excellence in B2B, highlighting its significant impact on industry standards.

New Compile Time Protection Technology Sets a New Standard for Secure Software Deployment Across Multiple Platforms

AxProtector CTP: Securing the Future of Software Development, as celebrated at the 2024 German Innovation Awards

Wibu-Systems proudly announces that its innovative AxProtector Compile Time Protection (CTP) has been honored with the 2024 German Innovation Award. This prestigious recognition, awarded by the German Design Council − a body established by the German Parliament and endowed by leading members of German industry − highlights exceptional achievements that significantly enhance business competitiveness through design, branding, and innovation. AxProtector CTP received the award in the 'Excellence in Business to Business' category, specifically in the 'IT / Functional Software' sub-category. This award underscores the company’s commitment to advancing technology that not only meets but anticipates the security needs of modern enterprises.

In an era marked by heightened cybersecurity threats and the evolving complexities of digital rights management, Wibu-Systems has once again set the bar high with its latest innovation, AxProtector Compile Time Protection (CTP). Recognized with the 2024 German Innovation Award, this solution has been celebrated for its pivotal role in transforming software protection. The German Design Council, which has been promoting the integration of outstanding design and innovation since 1953, recognized AxProtector CTP for its forward-thinking approach and substantial impact on industry standards.

"Targeted innovation is essential to remain successful and fit for the future. Innovations are indispensable for tackling the challenges of our time and and to drive forward the sustainable transformation of the industry. With the German Innovation Awards 2024, we are making these great innovations visible. I am delighted by the diversity of this year’s award-winning projects – they offer significant added value for industry, but also for society and the environment." Says Lutz Dietzold, CEO of the German Design Council, on the winners of the German Innovation Awards.

Established as a response to the stringent needs for enhanced software protection, especially in environments where traditional encryption is impractical, AxProtector CTP addresses several critical industry challenges. The technology was developed to provide an advanced level of protection for intellectual property, particularly targeting software that faces high risks of reverse engineering. By embedding protection mechanisms directly into the compile process, AxProtector CTP ensures that the protected software maintains its confidentiality and integrity from development to execution, making unauthorized access and tampering virtually impossible.

This need for heightened security was further underscored by changes in operating systems like macOS, which introduced tougher code signing guidelines, thus complicating the protection of software during runtime. AxProtector CTP is fully compatible with these new guidelines offering a solution that maintains continuous protection without requiring decryption of the protected code during execution.

The introduction of AxProtector CTP comes at a crucial time when industries across the board are seeking more reliable and robust methods to safeguard their software products. With features such as Advanced Compile Time Obfuscation and the support for a wide range of programming languages and platforms courtesy of its compatibility with the LLVM compiler, AxProtector CTP not only enhances security but also offers unprecedented flexibility in software development and deployment.

The acclaim received at the 2024 German Innovation Awards further validates the significance of AxProtector CTP in the realm of cybersecurity and digital rights management. As industries continue to navigate the challenges of digitalization and Industry 4.0, solutions like AxProtector CTP are essential for ensuring that innovation continues at a rapid pace without compromising on security. This award is a testament to Wibu-Systems' dedication to excellence and innovation in protecting the digital assets of companies worldwide.

As we celebrate this achievement, it’s clear that AxProtector CTP is not just a product but a major leap forward in secure software development. This technology is the result of our commitment to empowering developers and protecting software confidentiality and integrity in an increasingly complex digital world," said Axel Engelmann, R&D Software, Team Leader Protection Technologies at Wibu-Systems, at the award ceremony.

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