IoT Tech Expo Global

2017-01-23 - 2017-01-24
Olympia, London, UK

The IoT is now firmly embedded in many industrial enterprises – but how do you stay ahead of the ever growing pack? How much investment is required to successfully implement the IIoT? What should be considered when evaluating options for deployment in different industry verticals and segments? Why seeing IoT as a business process and NOT as an IT project makes all the difference? How can you speed up your time to market, improve productivity and security, and create new value-driven devices and services for your customers in today’s competitive, complex, and increasingly fast-paced world?

On January 23rd, 10.20-11.00, Marcel Hartgerink, General Manager of Wibu-Systems’ European subsidiaries, will join the panel Creating a competitive edge with the IIoT that is part of the Connected Industry corridor. From his vantage point, he will couple market analyses, technological innovations, and monetization approaches for an effective and mature strategy that intelligent device manufacturers can implement immediately to catapult themselves into the era of connected systems.

As a member of the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC), Wibu-Systems is contributing its expertise in the IIoT security arena. Beyond the doom and gloom of apocalyptic scenarios, security is not an added burden, but rather a cornerstone of any business that is serious about the IIoT. While the IIC’s Industrial Internet Security Framework comprises expert vision, experience, and security best practices, the IIC’s Business Viewpoint of Security the Industrial Internet covers many of the basic definitions and core elements of trustworthiness in IIoT systems, the KPIs to assess the security of any IIoT system, including convergence of Operations Technology and Information Technology, data management, and greenfield vs. brownfield deployments.

CodeMeter, Wibu-Systems’ flagship technology, is accompanying Embedded Computing Technology vendors and IoT software publishers from a diverse array of industries, including automation, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, finance, multimedia, in their transformation journey. Its advanced encryption and anti-tampering technologies, integrated with a versatile and secure entitlement system, allow OEMs to capitalize each software license they sell, leverage software instead of hardware as their cash machine, and offer software protection to their end customers.


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