2017-03-20 - 2017-03-24
Hannover, Germany

CeBIT 2017, the global event for digital business, will soon open its doors and highlight the digital trends of our times: Artificial Intelligence, the cloud, cyber security, drones, the Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, and 5G.

As software becomes the predominant factor of all upcoming technologies, cyber security is the shared underlying element that makes all the difference between a flourishing business and a massive failure. The digitalization of any consumer, corporate, industrial, utility, and defense system means vendors and law makers having to prep for success in the form of security by design.

CodeMeter® from Wibu-Systems is the perfect match for a digitized economy in which it plays a decisive role in protecting IP assets from piracy and reverse engineering, maximizing monetization through dynamic licensing, and providing world-leading security capabilities against device tampering and cyber attacks.

In 2017, Japan is going to star as the partner country at CeBIT. Japan is investing billions of dollars in R&D and becoming a global leader in digitalization, pioneering innovations in areas as diverse as humanoid robots, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, e-skin displays, and technologies for translating sound to vibration for the hearing-impaired. Wibu-Systems is fully aware of the dynamic forces at work in the country and is ready to contribute its own expertise to the digitalization strategies that are being outlined. We will be keeping a close eye on regional projects and are looking forward to meeting with Japanese cutting-edge technology leaders for productive discussions.

Our management delegation and our security experts will be on a mission at the show to spread the protection, licensing, and security message to all software developers engaged in the digital transformation. Reserve a meeting with our crew in our VIP lounge to start a private discussion, consolidate projects, or explore new ventures.

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