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CodeLock – South Africa – File Encryption

Encrypter Pro – Protecting confidential files while working remotely
Ensuring security when documents are outside of your control

The Challenge

Many individuals and organizations working remotely or with third party clients rightfully worry about securing files that end up on computers or mail servers outside of their control. If the third party itself is compromised, confidential documents could fall into the wrong hands. Recent trends have exacerbated this issue, as more employees may be working on home systems, generally not well protected and often beyond the reach of the normal safeguards offered by corporate IT infrastructures. This scenario brings about a high likelihood for valuable documents to be intercepted.

The Solution

One common solution is to use compression tools to create password-protected ZIP files. This would rely solely on a single password, easily accessed by ‘smart’ thieves that have already gotten the password for the mail server. Encrypter solves this problem by using the industry-leading technology from Wibu-Systems to provide a robust, yet simple-to-use solution to encrypt and protect the user’s valuable documents. Simply drag the document or even a ZIP file into the software, add a password, and protect. Only a recipient with both the correct password and the correct Wibu-Systems’ safe container (CmCloud, CmActLicense, or CmDongle) is able to decrypt the document. The solution is protected on multiple levels.

The Result

Encrypter provides a fast and easy way to secure files that may travel via third party servers. The executable code is protected from reverse engineering by Wibu-Systems’ AxProtector. Certain key functions within the code are protected using IxProtector. The high-security encryption technology provided by Wibu-Systems is used to fully encrypt the payload before transmission.

Ken Metcalf
Chief Technology Officer

”Safeguarding sensitive information becomes a logistical and administrative nightmare when dealing with clients remotely all over the world. There is always a concern that a client’s mail server could be compromised. With Encrypter, our team can share configuration files safely and securely with clients to set up the suite of products on a client’s server without having to be on site. Moreover, Encrypter extends our protection to software templates and client’s equipment configurations, including IP addresses, ports, and even passwords for data connection strings. Internally, Encrypter has allowed our team to work remotely without fear of criminal interception of IP-sensitive documentation when sent via e-mail or chat platforms.”

The Company

CodeLock and Licensing Systems (Pty) Ltd is an information security technology company, formed in 2017 with the simple goal of protecting sensitive digital information. Since then, CodeLock has evolved to become a specialist for high-end data encryption and top-notch digital asset protection. CodeLock has partnered with Wibu-Systems who has provided state-of-the-art security and licensing management using their CodeMeter licensing technology. As a distributor of Wibu-Systems’ technology, CodeLock offers a broad spectrum of pricing options for a range of security and licensing products to meet diverse and evolving customer demands in the field of software protection, encryption, and cybersecurity.

Combining state-of-the-art protection with ease-of-use to defend valuable documents

Cybersecurity has long become critical, as reports abound of large companies being hacked and user data being compromised. These breaches instill fear, with victims left to hope that their sensitive data has not been exposed to criminals. Moreover, the future development of quantum computing could give would-be attackers the technological power to potentially find even the smallest security cracks in a company and obtain sensitive data in a matter of minutes – costing companies millions.

Gone are the days where encrypting one’s data was an option only for large corporations, governments, and military users. Smaller organizations well up the supply chain and careless individuals are often targeted by criminals as a gateway into larger systems where unauthorized access can cause catastrophic consequences. There is a perception that encrypting one’s data is, in some way, complex, but this could not be further from the truth. 

The backstory to Encrypter started long before the Coronavirus pandemic crisis. It began with an entrepreneur admitting her concern about sending financial statements to her accountant who was travelling and using a commercial mail provider. Her fear was legitimate, as individuals often use common passwords. Large data breaches often leave lists of passwords in the attacker’s hands, which they can use to gain access to careless users’ email accounts. The result: documents sent “in confidence” are soon available to criminals.

The bottom line is: Everyone should be encrypting their files in some way or another. Encrypter instantly gives you that ability in an easy-to-use application. Moreover, the Windows-based Encrypter software package is protected with a device-bound (CmActLicense) or a dongle-bound (CmDongle) license from Wibu-Systems, which allows for encryption keys to be stored independent of the user’s device. With a CodeMeter dongle, encryption keys can be stored offline for ultra-security. Alternatively, a cloud license (CmCloud) can be used with the encryption keys bound and stored in the cloud, requiring no physical licenses. These licenses ensure that the Encrypter software is protected and can only be accessed by authorized users.

Using Encrypter is simple – drag and drop a file, in any file format (e.g. ZIP, DOC, XLS, PDF, JPEG, etc.), provide a password, and the file is encrypted. The decryption process follows a similarly simple process. Users can also encrypt plain text for the secure transmission of information such as passwords or financial information. CodeLock does not have access to any of the data that may be encrypted on the Encrypter application. The decryption key is highly secure and only users or their authorized recipients have access to it. Encrypter is also available in Italian and German versions.

Encrypted files can be securely stored on the user’s local computer, on external drives such as USB memory sticks or removable media, or it can be put into any cloud storage. Moreover, these encrypted files can be sent to clients and customers via any email client, providing maximum security and confidentiality for sensitive data. Upon receipt of an encrypted file, the receiver must then use Encrypter to decrypt the file, using dual authentication and randomly generated passwords.

Encrypter uses built-in SHA-256 bit or MD5 hashing to verify that no tampering of the source file has taken place. As an added benefit, there is a range of other tools available in Encrypter Pro, which provide additional functionality such as tools to create and store complex passwords and barcodes in a secure built-in database. Encrypter Pro also comes with the ability to use in-picture encryption (steganography). Lastly, Encrypter’s skins and formats can be changed to suit the user’s style preferences (i.e. dark mode).

Encrypting files does not need to be a long and tedious task. Encrypter provides easy-to-use high-security tools to protect against data breaches. 

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