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Protecting .NET Standard 2.0 Applications


Each year, IEEE Spectrum publishes The Top Programming Languages report. Not surprisingly, .NET ranks among the top spots in their latest survey.

.NET Standard provides a specification for the .NET APIs that simplifies interoperability and compatibility between different .NET environments. This makes it easier for developers to implement their applications regardless of the platform they choose or to migrate from one platform to another.

AxProtector .NET is able to protect .NET applications using the entire .NET Framework. With the current release, an additional version - AxProtector .NET Standard - is available, which can protect .NET Standard 2.0 applications, including .NET Core 2.0 and applications for Mono 5.4.

Its protection principle is straightforward and similar to the one underpinning AxProtector .NET: The application to be protected is analyzed at the method level, and protection is implemented by encrypting each method. Only if the appropriate license is stored in a CodeMeter container would the application be decrypted and executed.

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AxProtector .NET and AxProtector .NET Standard support all types of secure license containers: the hardware CmDongle (USB stick, secure memory card, and ASIC) and the software-based CmActLicense, in which the license is bound to the digital fingerprint of a computer.

Join our new masterclass to learn how AxProtector .NET Standard can become your first choice when it comes to protecting .NET Core and Mono applications.

Since .NET Standard 2.0 does not support any graphic elements, AxProtector .NET Standard also offers the option of adapting error messages such as "No license available" to your specific environment. When protecting an application automatically, performance issues related to the protected assembly are often in the way. Beyond the complete automation of the process, AxProtector .NET Standard also includes several configuration settings that let you adjust the performance in a very granular way. The webinar will offer concrete best practices for .NET Standard applications.

During the 60 minutes we will be spending together, we will be zeroing in on the following topics:

  • Overview of .NET Standard, .NET Core, and Mono
  • The encryption method underlying AxProtector .NET and AxProtector .NET Standard
  • Demo: Encrypting a .NET Core application
  • Demo: Encrypting a Mono application
  • Customizing error messages
  • Fine tuning the performance of the protected application

Have you recently embraced Mono, the cross-platform, open-source .NET framework alternative from Xamarin/Microsoft? Or are you developing .NET desktop applications using the entire .NET Framework? Or are you creating ASP.NET Core web apps or Universal Windows Platform (UWP) with .NET Core? AxProtector .NET and AxProtector .NET Standard are the answer for balancing all your needs surrounding effective software protections: time efficiency, robustness, and full calibration control over every parameter.