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A Guided Protection System
for Java Applications

A Guided Protection System for Java Application
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Currently Java is installed on 97% of enterprise desktops: this is an impressive rate that makes Java the number one choice for software developers. This exponential success is due not only to its development simplicity and fast execution, but mainly to the heterogeneous computing platforms supported, which results in its extreme portability. In a server environment, Java has no rival. Java application servers handle connections to the database on one side, and, often, connections to the Web client on the other.

All these factors, however, make Java a preferred target for hacking. In particular, reverse engineering is the primary source of attack. Unlike native applications, Java does not generate machine code, but rather an intermediate code, which is executed in a Java Runtime. This intermediate code is simple enough to be reconverted back to source code. Since existing copy protection and licensing mechanisms are quickly removable, implementation details and trade secrets become an easy prey for unauthorized third parties.

AxProtector Java is an essential encryption component of CodeMeter. Unlike the traditional AxProtector, AxProtector Java makes use of special techniques tailored for this language that encrypt the intermediate code.

AxProtector Java protects and licenses:

  • Desktop applications
  • Server applications (Application Servers)
  • Eclipse Plugins

Just like Java, AxProtector Java is available for multiple platforms:

  •  Windows
  • Linux
  • OS X
  • Android

This webinar introduces some of the basic protection technologies for Java, and compares them to the superior qualities of AxProtector Java. Once the application is secure, licensing suffers from no risk either, and CodeMeter seamlessly provides a flexible licensing system as well.

During this hour together, we will specifically go through:

  • An overview of protection technologies for Java applications
  • AxProtector Java fundamentals
  • Options for AxProtetcor Java
  • Protection at class and method levels
  • A quick introduction to licensing Java applications