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How can I uninstall CodeMeter?


You can uninstall CodeMeter from your computer at any time. For the various operating systems, please proceed as follows:


  • Select the "Software" option in the Windows System control panel menu item.
    Note: If CodeMeter has been installed together with another software, CodeMeter is not displayed in "Control Panel | Software". In this case, you must uninstall all other software applications which have CodeMeter installed.
  • Select the "CodeMeter Runtime Kit" item and the "Remove" option.

Please note that the files of the CodeMeter Runtime Kit are removed only after the final application that has installed or is using CodeMeter is also uninstalled.


  • Re-open the CmRuntimeUser.dmg disk image. If, in the meantime you should have deleted the disk image file, advance to the Support&Downloads section of the Wibu-Systems website, and download the CodeMeter User Runtime file.
  • Go to the directory CmRunTime and start the program CmUninstall.mpkg. Follow the instructions of the wizard Alternatively, enter the following command in the commandline: $ sudo installer -pkg /Volumes/CmRuntimeUser/CmUninstall.mpkg -target. Please note that path specification may vary.


Execute the shell command for uninstalling the CodeMeter Runtime Kit:

  • for RPM based distributions, such as, Suse/RedHat/Fedora [rpm -e CodeMeter]
  • for DEB based distributions, such as, Debian/Ubuntu [dpkg -r CodeMeter]