Smart Industry Forum

2017-06-08 - 2017-06-09
Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

After having assessed the emerging industrial revolution and how it will affect the very essence of our human experience in 2016, the second edition of the Smart Industry Forum will concentrate on the current key challenges of Industrie 4.0 and examine how we can reap the benefits of Smart Industry by connecting sensors, actuators, mechatronic modules, and machines online, collecting Big Data, and having full ownership over the security of such data. The ‘People Factor’ will be the next hurdle to cope with by aligning technology, processes, and professions in a new cross-cultural and interdisciplinary paradigm.

Leadership and decision makers from diverse industries, such as food & beverage, personal healthcare, pharmaceutical, automotive, energy, and shipbuilding, are welcome to join the conversation and meet the panel of visionaries and technology pioneers that are reshaping the industrial world.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems, one of the partners of the Summit, will be among the highly qualified keynote speakers in these 48 intense hours. 

Join him on June 8th, at 5.30 pm, for the podium discussion on What Added Value can Industry-Organizations and Non-Profit Networks Provide. In his position as chairman of the product and know-how protection working group “Protect-ing” of the VDMA, member of the board of the medical technology working group of the VDMA, and member of the board of directors of bitkom, Oliver will be joined by the representatives of European industrial associations and explain how IIoT players should leverage the power of standardization and networking to create new ecosystems.

On the following day, at 10.00 am, Oliver will hold a separate lecture on Challenges Ahead - How to Master Data Security, Data Ownership, and IP Protection together with Michael Ferdinandsen, CEO and President of Secomea. They will survey the measures that are available right now for intelligent device manufacturers to safeguard their digital know-how in any shape or form, including the source code of their software or the production data they own or receive from third parties. With Industrie 4.0, legal, technical, and commercial aspects are intertwined more than ever before, and challenges, hazards, and negative repercussions are just around the corner for those who do not invest in the necessary technology and human resources.

CodeMeter from Wibu-Systems integrates in all mainstream platforms, supports multiple vendors, protects IP from reverse engineering and counterfeiting, ensures safe updates and upgrades even in insecure environments, guarantees the integrity of the software against sabotage and tampering, and leverages the complete power of the digital economy by providing a versatile entitlement system for license creation, delivery, and management.


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