Real Licenses in Virtual Environments

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Virtual environments have become an integral part of today's IT infrastructure. The reasons for their success are just as varied as the technical solutions in the market. Virtualization has, for instance, become the new normal in quality assurance, as it allows tests to be performed easily, quickly, and repeatedly in specifically defined environments. By using virtual machines in the cloud, computing capacity can be scaled up effortlessly and inexpensively. Software that has complex system requirements, especially for already installed software, can conveniently be delivered in a Docker container, along with the required basic setup.

From a technical perspective, virtualization solutions include complete virtual machines running on the developer's computer or virtual machines running in own datacenters. Docker containers represent an additional lightweight solution that does not require the delivery of a complete operating system in each virtual machine. Finally, virtual machines can be run in the cloud, offered flexibly and cost-efficiently by providers like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services (AWS).   

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Virtualization also creates new threats to consider when protecting and licensing software. Multiple virtual containers may share the same hardware. The special properties of virtual environments, such as the ability to revert to a previous state, may also exacerbate old security issues.

In this masterclass, we will show you why CodeMeter is ready to handle these threats, the options you have at your disposal, and the specific methods you should be applying. Here are the highlights of this dedicated session:

  • Where are virtual environments used?
    • Virtual machines on a local computer
    • Virtual machines on a server
    • Virtual machines in the cloud (Azure, AWS, …)
    • Docker containers
    • Docker containers in virtual machines
  • Threat scenarios for software protection and licensing
    • General threats
    • Specific threats related to virtualization
  • The CodeMeter portfolio at a glance
  • CodeMeter in virtual environments
    • CmActLicenses in Azure
    • CmActLicense in AWS
    • CmActLicenses in virtual machines
    • Network server for virtual machines
    • IP protection in Docker containers
    • Network server for Docker containers
    • CmDongles in virtual environtments
    • CmCloudContainers in virtual environments

Are you losing sleep over the prospect of your customers using virtualization? With CodeMeter, you can rest easy: Whatever application you have developed, CodeMeter will keep it fully protected and correctly licensed even when virtual environments come into play.

For those who join us live and answer a three-question survey at the end of the session correctly, there is an additional treat in store: We will draw the winner of a three-hour free CodeMeter consultation from the most brilliant minds in our company. The winner will be notified in the replay announcement. 

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