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Get your licenses in pole position

Get your licenses in pole position
"Get your licenses in pole position"
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All international surveys about software monetization agree on one thing: static or perpetual licensing models belong to the past. A strategic and proactive approach to licensing revitalizes software publishers’ sales and offers the convenience that users have come to expect. CodeMeter License Central 2.20 is a powerful answer to the question of high productivity / low time impact, and features three new license management highlights:

  • The configuration of transferable licenses for unrivaled ease of use
  • The bundling of products for a simplified management of modular licenses
  • A beautiful redesign of WebDepot and Gateway for license activation by the user

Let’s start to unveil what we are going to demo during the webinar.

Transferrable licenses offer your users the option to temporarily borrow a license from a license server to their computer. The license can then be used online or offline. For the entire duration of the borrowing, the license becomes unavailable on the license server. We are going to show you the complete license lifecycle of a transferrable license, from its creation as a ticket in CodeMeter License Central to its delivery and use on the license server.

With Product Bundles, you can easily set up different product configurations and test them right away in the market. A bundle can be assigned to existing products or can be a product that includes a number of modules in itself. You can specify whether modules belong to a bundle simply by ticking and unticking them.

WebDepot and Gateway are both available as the interfaces for an online activation process and play an essential role for user’s convenience. We need to distinguish between two separate types of error messages: those that the users can deal with themselves, and internal errors. We will demonstrate how you can effectively detect and fix internal configuration errors, and how you can enable additional features, like the activation of multiple licenses, with just one request.

Invest one hour of your time to learn about:

  • License transfer
    • Configuration of transferrable licenses
    • Activation on a license server (online / offline)
    • End-to-end transfer by the user
  • Product Bundles
    • The selling of modular products made easy
    • Configuration of Product Bundles
    • Activation of Product Bundles
  • The new version of Gateways / WebDepot
    • Error handling on the user’s or the vendor’s side
    • Activation of several tickets in one single request
    • Download the correct LIF file

A license management system should be as flexible as the license models you want to provide to your customers. Consider leveling up your offerings to keep up and outperform your clients’ expectations.