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Use Cases

    • Secure License Management for Microcontrollers

      CodeMeter µEmbedded provides intelligent device manufacturers with state-of-the-art security features, IP protection, and license lifecycle management for IoT-ready products, and gives end users the confidence that firmware updates and upgrades are genuin

    • Secure Manufacturing of Outsourced Real-Time Controllers

      CodeMeter Embedded encrypts software to provide know-how protection for the controller’s vendor at the contractor’s production facilities. Secure boot processes and secure storage in industry-grade hardware secure elements also ensure integrity protection

    • Stronger Security for Modern M2M Communications

      Powered by CodeMeter Embedded, Wibu-Systems OPC UA Security Extension for Unified Automation’s ANSI C based OPC UA SDK raises the security bar for manufacturers adopting the OPC UA standard and monetizes their software with versatile licensing

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