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Mobile Licenses in the Cloud


With the introduction of CmCloudContainers, a new era of cloud licensing has started, one that makes full use of fast Internet connections to use licenses online. This is an epochal change because it provides users with a new level of freedom. No need to carry around dongles or keep license files that are bound to one machine only. Instead, users are free to access their licenses anywhere and from any device.

Any software protected with CodeMeter can be used immediately and without any adjustments with a CmCloudContainer, as long as CodeMeter Runtime 7.0 or newer is used. CmCloudContainers are fully interoperable with CmDongles and CmActLicenses, also giving ISVs a chance to mix and match the license containers based on their users’ needs and the specific requirements of each project. The established alternatives stay the de-facto choice for offline use, and include other capabilities like the option of moving and running executable code in CmDongles.

The standard workflow is extremely lean both for ISVs and their users: Upon launching the protected software for the first time, the software recognizes that no license is yet available on the device and starts the Software Activation Wizard. The wizard allows the user to create an account in the license portal, an extension of CodeMeter WebDepot that is either hosted by Wibu-Systems on behalf of the ISV or run on the ISV’s own server. In the background, the license portal then connects with the CodeMeter Cloud Server operated by Wibu-Systems, where a credential file is created for the user in question and placed on the license portal. The Software Activation Wizard receives this file in response to the creation of the new account, and the file is automatically imported onto the user’s local system. Next, the user enters a ticket, and the requested license is imported into the CmCloudContainer and immediately made available for the user. Sounds complicated? It really isn’t: ultimately, all the user needs to do is enter a username, a password, and the ticket. All of the rest happens automatically and transparently, but in the background.

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This masterclass illustrates the entire process to get you up to speed with all the steps involved and see for yourself how convenient and easy license management becomes when you move the entire process to the online realm:

  • Overview of CmCloudContainers
  • The user’s perspective
    • Using a new license on a new machine
    • Using an existing license on an additional machine
    • License extension
  • The ISV’s perspective
    • Creating licenses
    • Changing licenses

You may ask yourself how secure this new technology is, how you can add more licenses to an existing CmCloudContainer, or how you should deal with lost passwords. All your concerns will be addressed, and live viewers will have the chance to interact directly with our hosts.

We believe in freedom. That’s why Wibu-Systems has spent the last few years developing CmCloud. Now, it’s your turn to pass that freedom on to your own users.