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Activating Software like a Wizard

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Picture this: You need to change the license of one of your clients, and the user finds his entitlements updated next time he starts the software. Updating software entitlements like magic is possible. With CodeMeter License Central, Gateway, and Software Activation Wizard, you can easily and quickly implement license changes in your software. And the more effortless and straightforward this process becomes, the more likely it is that your customers are fully satisfied and the less support resources you’ll require for your license management.

The use cases for the automatic modification of licenses are numerous. These include:

  • Entitlement and disablement of functionalities
  • Disablement of the complete license
  • Automatic renewal of a subscription after payment
  • Automatic update of license checkpoints
  • Automatic renewal of the maintenance contract

With automatic updates, the user is not requested to perform any action, i.e. he does not have to activate the changes via a portal himself. This is not only easier, but it also gives you full control over the entitlements of your software. The Software Activation Wizard can be completely tailored to meet your requirements: you can integrate it into your software and optionally adapt it for your own processes or customize it in compliance with your own corporate design.

In addition to reducing costs by automation, Software Activation Wizard offers the possibility to track data and pass it on to CodeMeter License Central. One popular application is the registration of users during activation. This is an especially interesting option if the licenses are sold via different channels and you want to understand which users have purchased your software. You can also have free software activated and registered with this powerful tool. In this case, the license is created automatically under the hood during the activation process, and you get to know who is actually using your software. For named user licenses, the user name can also be conveniently recorded and associated with the license.

In this live training, we are going to cover a lot of ground:

  • Basic functions of Software Activation Wizard
    • Activating licenses
    • Disabling licenses
    • Restoring licenses
    • Finishing incomplete transfers
  • Advanced functions
    • Activation-defined parameters
    • Collecting registration data
    • Activating licenses in the network
  • Real-life use cases
    • Subscription models
    • User-bound licenses from the cloud
    • Disabling and locking licenses
    • Free software registration
    • Automatic generation of free and demo licenses
  • Interaction with WebDepot
  • Customization of the user interface

Add some magic to your software activation process and start using Software Activation Wizard, your best ally to optimize your resources and offer a far greater user experience.