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Maximum Protection with Code Moving


Just like any community or profession, the hacking scene includes many different people with many different levels of experience and ability. A handful of all-star masters of the art stand out from a crowd of beginners and amateurs. Software developers then have to ask themselves: “How appealing might my product be for hackers?” and “What are the actual threats I am facing?” Even simple safeguards might be enough to put off any small-time hackers, but a solid defense against professionals might need a combination of advanced technologies, which means a lot of extra effort and investment. This is why CodeMeter offers a perfectly scalable solution for protecting software against piracy and reverse engineering.

CodeMeter Protection Suite includes a choice of AxProtector options to protect software, with versions available for native Windows, macOS, and Linux applications as well as for Java, .NET and Python code. AxProtector works by encrypting the entire application and adding a wrapper to track its execution. To increase security even more, you can additionally encrypt individual functions with IxProtector and implement customized checks with CodeMeter Core API.

Now, with code moving, we make a leap into optimal protection: Code moving lets you move essential code into a CmDongle for execution far away from the prying eyes of would-be hackers. Once you move fragments of code into the CmDongle, snooping and manipulation becomes impossible.

Discover the ultimate frontier in software protection:

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With code moving, you can create as many code fragments as you want for execution in the CmDongle. To move the code, the application is encrypted with AxProtector; all functions to be moved are compiled and encrypted by AxProtector and normally kept in the application like their IxProtector-protected peers. While IxProtector decrypts and executes the function in question in the memory of the computer during runtime, code moving first moves it into the CmDongle to be decrypted and executed with the right input parameters. The output parameters are then returned to the application. The architecture of CmDongles also plays a significant role in keeping your code safe. CodeMoving is more secure than IxProtector, while IxProtector offers better performance for the protected code. To find the optimal balance for your application, a combination of code moving and IxProtector is possible.

However, before you start applying CodeMoving, there are some prerequisites and recommendations that you should be aware of. In our new masterclass, we are going to zero in on:

  • The hacker’s perspective
  • Introduction to CmDongles
    • Encryption via Firm Code and Product Code
    • CodeMoving
  • Scalable security
    • CodeMeter API – Simple API calls
    • AxProtector – Encrypting the complete application
    • IxProtector – Encrypting individual functions
    • CodeMoving – Transferring functions into the CmDongle
  • In practice:
    • Simple CodeMoving functions
    • Testing moved functions
    • Debugging CodeMoving code
    • Using the CodeMoving API in the CmDongle
    • Locking CmDongles

Scalability is as crucial in software licensing as it is in protection. Seize the opportunity to build up the technological know-how to apply the tools and techniques required in the markets you serve.