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Licensing Craves the Cloud


The cloud has found its way into our daily lives. This starts in the private sphere with music streaming services and has now reached IoT devices that load your machine handbooks into the cloud in a secure and authenticated fashion. The same also applies to software licensing and digital content: unimaginable without the cloud.

With CodeMeter License Central, Wibu-Systems has for many years been offering a solution for distributing licenses simply and securely across the cloud. But CodeMeter License Central has even more to offer: With automatic extensions, time restrictions, and license returns, CodeMeter License Central is the most versatile kit for cloud licensing in the market. In addition to licensing, CodeMeter License Central and its CodeMeter Cloud Lite extension provide a simple and streamlined way to use licenses directly in the cloud.

During this session, we will examine three different cloud licensing projects centered around CodeMeter License Central:

Project #1: User License on Two Devices

The software is a Windows-based application that runs on the local PC of a user. The user installs the software on two separate devices. Both installations are connected to the same vendor‘s user account. The software works offline without any time limitation.

Should the user want to use the software on a third device, he should first deactivate the license on one of the existing devices. If the device is offline at the time of license deactivation, the license will be automatically deleted as soon as an internet connection is established.

Project #2: Online License Request for Service Technicians

A service technician uses a locally installed software. At every start of the application, the software checks for the license in the cloud and extends the license in the local cache by 30 days. If the service technician is offline, the license is still running for 30 days. If the technician stays offline for more than 30 days, the license stops running from day 31.

A license administrator can assign new licenses and thus new entitlements to the service technician via a dashboard in the cloud. These will be updated automatically the next time the software is started.

Project #3: Mixed On-Premise / Cloud Licenses

A vendor offers both on-premise software and SaaS services. Both can be provided with the same licensing technology, since CodeMeter License Central is already integrated with SAP for the creation of on-premise licenses. SAP handles on-premise and cloud licenses in the exact same way; it is CodeMeter License Central that decides how the license is used.

Join us for this webinar to learn about the requirements and the implementation techniques that will allow you to create effective and customized cloud licensing projects.

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During the class, we will cover several interesting aspects of cloud licensing that are currently available:

  • Foundations of CodeMeter License Central
  • CodeMeter licenses in LAN, WAN, and the cloud
  • Simple licensing with CodeMeter Cloud Lite
  • Real-life projects from the field
    • User license on two devices
    • Online license request for service technician
    • Mixed on-premise and cloud licenses
  • Overview of possible additional developments with CodeMeter cloud licensing

Cloud licensing is here to stay. To learn which additional developments we have in store for you, register for this masterclass and envision your licensing models expanding to the cloud horizon.