To Bundle or To Nest? That is the question!


CodeMeter License Central 3.0 is just around the corner. One of its newest features is the support for Nested Product Items. With Nested Product Items, modules can be logically grouped together, and the licensing process can be further simplified. You may wonder whether this new feature is actually not already covered by the current bundles. This question will be answered alongside many others during the forthcoming webinar. We will present the differences between bundles in CodeMeter License Central and Nested Product Items in the license, and discuss which variant is the ideal fit for you.

You can achieve your goal in both cases: To sell software functions separately with the implementation of modular licenses. Not only does this business approach offer low-cost entry-level versions, but it also tailors your software to the actual and unique needs and budgets of your customers.

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Experience a sneak peek at CodeMeter License Central 3.0, and see live how Nested Product Items are configured and used in licenses. Learn how the resulting licenses are displayed and how this configuration affects the borrowing and use of the licenses.

During this one-hour live session together, we will delve into:

  • Use cases for Nested Product Items
  • Technical implementation
  • Differences between bundles and Nested Product Items
  • Borrowing and using transferred licenses
  • Demo:
    • Creating an item in CodeMeter License Central
    • Creating and activating a license
    • Borrowing a license with Nested Product Items

Whatever option you choose, make sure the licensing process of your software is accurately designed to protect your intellectual property, boost your revenues, and meet your customers‘ demands.

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