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The License Portal – A Golden Pot of Opportunities


The scope of a license portal goes way beyond license activation. When software administrators access the portal, they expect to easily manage the licenses they have purchased and typically have two main questions in mind: "How many licenses do I have left?" and "On which machine is a certain license?". The license portal should deliver an immediate and clear answer to them.

A software publishing startup that is about to commercialize its first application would explore the available license portals in search of a solution that offers not just automatic communication with its customers and saves support costs for the company, but also manages all license entitlement actions. More experienced ISVs that are already using WebDepot may be interested in more advanced features, such as integration with third party systems or even the coupling of proprietary solution with a fully comprehensive technology.

CodeMeter License Central WebDepot fulfills the requirements of all parties involved in license lifecycle management. This new masterclass will bring value to all software-powered businesses and present an excursus from basic principles like activation, de-activation, and re-activation to the latest functionalities, like restoring a lost CmContainer on the same computer, resuming a transaction that was interrupted, or distributing enforced updates.

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Two of the main features of WebDepot are adjustable versatility and seamless integration into third party systems. If you don’t operate a customer portal yet or if you rather want to use the license portal as a separate solution in parallel with your existing portal, WebDepot comes in handy. During the online event, we will show you how you can customize WebDepot to match your corporate design style, even without any particular programming skills, and realize an efficient workflow with a simple configuration. For broader requirements, WebDepot provides a number of programming interfaces that can extend its core scope.

Even if you were already using a customer portal, you can still integrate WebDepot to achieve greater customer satisfaction. Depending on your framework and requirements, you can either simply connect WebDepot to your customer portal and use it directly or implement WebDepot functionalities into your own portal. During the live session, we will review a number of examples and best practices of effective integration from real life scenarios.

Alternatively or additionally to WebDepot, you can have your licenses activated by integrating the activation wizard in your own software. If you now ask yourself whether you then need to double-map your workflow, the answer is: No. Only the user interface is going to be available twice, in the portal and in your wizard. The business logic on the server, which maps most of the workflow, is identical. ActivationGateway, which your activation wizard uses to communicate with CodeMeter License Central, is derived from WebDepot.

Here is what we are going to cover together:

  • Online activation with WebDepot
  • Online activation with the software wizard and ActivationGateway
  • New functions of WebDepot
    • Restoring a CmActLicense on the same computer
    • Resuming a license transfer process that had been interrupted
    • Automatic enforced updates for dedicated CmContainers
  • Customization of WebDepot to reflect corporate designs
  • Overview and examples of WebDepot extended functions
    • Drawing customized tables
    • End user registration
  • Integration in third party systems
  • Customizations of the software activation wizard

Keep up with technology and business trends. Leverage the license portal to be in control of your license lifecycle management, offer an effective and elegant user experience, and monetize your business.