High Availability for License Creation


Online banking and online brokerage are two of the most security-critical applications on the Internet. The servers for these applications are usually double redundant and located in secure data centers, in accordance with business disaster recovery plans. The operating costs account for several hundred thousand euros per year. This contrasts with the hosting of websites, which is offered at affordable rates by Amazon, United Internet, Microsoft Azure and other service providers, or can even be done independently on one’s own computer. The operation of CodeMeter License Central is comparable with neither online banking nor with website hosting. Taking into account security requirements, efforts and costs associated with the setup and maintenance, CodeMeter License Central situates in the middle of such extremes.

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During this one-hour webinar, we will show all the different options we make available for the hosting of your CodeMeter License Central with our Wibu Operating Services (WOPS), from the simple and cost-effective Datacenter Edition to the High Performance and High Availability services.

We will specifically cover the following main themes:

  • Overview of the available packages:
    • Datacenter Edition
    • Dedicated Server
    • High Performance Edition
    • High Availability Package
  • Security requirements:
    • DMZ and security area in the Wibu-Systems data center
    • Security monitoring
    • Available access options and access protection measures
  • Hosting or operation, what is the difference?
    • Hardware components and overall infrastructure
    • System updates
    • Application updates
    • Application maintenance
    • Availability monitoring
  • Service Level
    • Basic availability

Even if hosting CodeMeter License Central at your facilities seems to be the best option, understanding your complete risk landscape is paramount. That’s why we recommend that you should evaluate all the possible alternatives. Wibu-Systems is proud to offer a competitive set of packages you can easily access remotely, knowing that they will benefit from the latest CodeMeter License Central updates, security patches and features.

In a time when business resilience has leapt to the forefront, Wibu-Systems helps you protect your business profitability.

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