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Why does my computer not boot, if a CmDongle is plugged in?


Depending on the BIOS and the configuration of the boot manager of your system, it might occur that your system hangs during boot procedure. This happens because the system tries to boot from the CmDongle and receives responses it does not understand.

This behavior can be avoided by reconfiguring your system. CmDongle can be configured to be detected as a local disk or removable disk. The boot problem appears mostly for CmDongles configured as local disks. You can reconfigure your CmDongle as a removable device as follows:

  • Open a CodeMeter Command Prompt using "Start | All Programs | CodeMeter | Tools | CodeMeter Command Prompt".
  • Read the current configuration.
    Execute the following command, replacing the <serial> with your CmDongle serial number, e.g. "1-123456":
    cmu32 -s <serial> --show-config-disk
  • Reconfigure your CmDongle to be detected as removable device.
    Execute: cmu32 -s <serial> --set-config-disk RemovableDisk
  • Remove and replug the CmDongle.

Please check the booting behavior and functionality in default operations.