Takebishi Taps Wibu-Systems CodeMeter to Protect its Flagship Communication Middleware and Provide Versatile License Management for the Smart Factories of the Future


Flexible Licensing Platform Addresses Varying Usage Scenarios Around the Globe

Takebishi, a Japan-based leader in FA solutions, has integrated Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter technology into their Device XPlorer OPC Server and Device Gateway.

Wibu-Systems, a security technology leader in the global software licensing market, was chosen to integrate its award-winning CodeMeter protection and licensing platform into the flagship industrial communication middleware of Takebishi, the Kyoto-based total solutions provider, distributor, and evangelist for Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s factory automation technology. Takebishi replaced a mix of proprietary and third-party licensing systems with CodeMeter, implementing both hardware and software licensing under the same technological umbrella for DeviceXPlorer® OPC Server Ver. 6, an OPC server software that provides connectivity with control devices on the shop floor.

Takebishi’s DeviceXPlorer OPC Server plays a critical role in the development of smart industry, ensuring connectivity with industrial controllers, such as PLCs, machine tools, and robots. The middleware supports more than 200 PLC brands and is highly compatible with SCADA and ERP/MES systems. While the rise of the IIoT and smart factories provides the agility required to enable manufacturing-as-a-service business models, it also raises its vulnerability for unauthorized use of their IP by criminal actors outside of their control.

For previous iterations of their system, Takebishi had initially relied on simple licensing by serial number, later followed by a proprietary licensing algorithm and external, hardware-based protection technology. As its license management became increasingly complex, Takebishi encountered more and more difficulties with accommodating important new emerging technologies, especially virtual environments and support for Docker, the novel and popular container virtualization solution.

With CodeMeter fully embedded in the newest version of DeviceXPlorer OPC Server, Takebishi protects its communication middleware against unauthorized use and piracy, and achieves the licensing flexibility needed to cover every scenario among its diverse industrial user base – online or offline, virtual or cloud environments, hardware containers for top security or software containers for the added comfort of online license transfer and activation. And with full support for Docker environments, CodeMeter can easily support Takebishi’s launch of its new Device Gateway, its manufacturing information and OPC UA communications handler on Docker.

Said Takumi Ishida, Manager System Solution Development, Takebishi ”It makes me very proud to introduce CodeMeter to the 6th version of DeviceXPlorer OPC Server, our main product that is used widely in Japan and overseas. A strict management of licenses, combined with flexibility in how licenses are used, was indispensable as we continue to grow our sales. CodeMeter offers both and made the switch from the licensing algorithm we had developed easy. I would love to expand our product features with CodeMeter’s capabilities.”

Tomoki Maruyama, Wibu-Systems K.K. Representatitve Director, added: “We are a firm believer in freedom. In our case, that means we strive to deliver technologies that provide our customers with the highest level of flexibility so they can achieve their business objectives in a world full of uncertainty and ever-changing trends to which they need to readily adapt. With the integration of CodeMeter into DeviceXPlorer OPC CServer Version 6 and their Device Gateway for Docker, Takebishi is well prepared for the opportunities and challenges ahead in the IIoT age.”

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