T4M: Wibu-Systems’ time-based licensing models for new medical technology business models


Licensing and monetizing medical technology

CodeMeter technology helps medical device manufacturers increase revenue with time-based licensing models

Hosted in parallel with the Control trade fair, Stuttgart’s expo grounds will also feature this year’s MedtecLIVE with T4M from 3 to 5 May 2022. Wibu-Systems, the premier provider of software protection, licensing, and security solutions, will be on site at the VDMA’s booth (hall 10, booth 124a) to show how the makers of medical devices can boost their revenues with smart time-based licensing models.

Time-based licenses have been a regular and very effective feature in software licensing for a long time, but the technology is now slowly making its way into the real of medical technology and medical software development. Licenses of this type, often sold as subscriptions, mean that users can rent their software or medical device, or even individual features and functions of it, for a defined period of time. Common models include subscriptions for the basic feature set and a selection of add-on features, paid for with a simple and affordable annual license. The users benefit from the lower upfront costs, and vendors can enjoy a steady and reliable flow of income, which can often be more profitable even than outright sales of software or machines. The same mechanism can also be used to distribute trial versions.

The makers of pure software solutions or software-driven devices can turn to the platform-independent CodeMeter technology by Wibu-Systems to protect and license their products. The necessary license management can be integrated into existing process chains and extensively automated to handle even large numbers of subscriptions.

Stefan Bamberg, Senior Key Account and Partner Manager at Wibu-Systems, believes: “Licensing models give business exceptional freedom to introduce flexible business models for each market or region, without ever having to rework their actual software. At T4M, we will be showing visitors how their requirements and challenges can be solved with our CodeMeter technology.”

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