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CeBIT 2015



16 March 2015 - 20 March 2015

Wibu-Systems is welcoming its past, present and future business partners at CeBIT 2015.

With "d!conomy" being the lead theme of the show and reflecting the radical innovations and disruptive business models that are characterizing the fourth industrial revolution, Wibu-Systems celebrates a vocation for software protection against piracy and reverse engineering, flexible licensing for the promotion of business enablement, and security against device tampering and cyber-attacks.

As the Digital Transformation is ushering economies towards a pervasive Internet of Things, the software developer communities are rapidly re-educating themselves and retargeting their scope to keep ahead of security vulnerabilities. At the same time, the Digital Economy offers a ceaseless number of CRM, ERP and ecommerce platforms that optimize an international reach. CodeMeter® from Wibu-Systems, winner of the 2014 CODiE Awards and the 2014 German IT Security Award, is the perfect match to an online, cloud-based world, where it plays a decisive role in protecting IP assets from piracy and reverse engineering, while maximizing monetization techniques through dynamic licensing.

In 2015, China, home of an unprecedented market upsurge, is the official partner country of CeBIT. With offices in Beijing and Shanghai, Wibu-Systems is particularly attentive to the dynamics that are under way in this country, and has directly participated in the Sino-German discussions between the two government’s delegations. We will be keeping a special eye on regional projects, and gladly accept press interviews.