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50 Shades of Cloud Licensing

Online Masterclass

Cloud licensing comes in many shapes and sizes: Licenses can be created in the cloud, distributed through the cloud, or even used and monitored right in the cloud itself. The possible scenarios multiply if one adds the many ways and places in which a software can be used: on premise or in the cloud, run by the end user, or possibly provided as a service (SaaS) by a vendor. For any and all of these scenarios, CodeMeter has a perfect solution. What is even more unique: CodeMeter is a single, comprehensive solution that works perfectly for all of these requirements at the same time. Its capabilities come into their own especially in heterogeneous environments or when software enterprises transition to a new business model.

This masterclass gives a detailed tour of the key building blocks of the CodeMeter solution:

  • CodeMeter License Central lets software vendors create, manage, and distribute licenses to their end users.
  • CodeMeter Cloud Lite provides simple licensing capabilities for SaaS applications run by their vendors.
  • CodeMeter Cloud is the CodeMeter module that is used to store licenses in the cloud for end users to enjoy their software wherever they want: on premise, in a private cloud, or in popular environments like Amazon Web Services (AWS) or Microsoft Azure.
  • The license portal is the self-service solution for end users, allowing them to manage the licenses created with CodeMeter License Central.

CodeMeter License Central is the central hub and powerhouse for software vendors: With CodeMeter License Central, they can configure their products and create licenses for their users, optionally in a fully automated process that links up with existing CRM, ERP, or e-commerce systems. Vendors also have the option of allowing or stopping their users from moving licenses or recovering lost licenses. These and other capabilities, like changing or withdrawing licenses, are part and parcel of the CodeMeter License Central experience.

The license portal is a dedicated add-on module of CodeMeter License Central that enables users to manage their licenses around the clock. Depending on the software vendors’ choices, they can turn to the license portal to activate, transfer, or return their licenses or retrieve any license updates provided by the vendor. Licenses can also be withdrawn by vendors through the portal. As with license updates, this can be done in the background, so the users do not have to be aware of the ins and outs of the licensing process.

CodeMeter Cloud Lite is a server application that provides licenses created in CodeMeter License Central for SaaS applications. When they are created in CodeMeter License Central, licenses are not immediately assigned to any specific user or device; only upon activation are they linked with a computer or, in the case of CodeMeter Cloud Lite, a user. CodeMeter Cloud Lite does not have its own user administration functions, but instead slots right in with the SaaS vendors’ existing user management technology, providing a single sign on (SSO) for the user.

CodeMeter Cloud is a comprehensive and holistic solution for protecting and licensing On Premise software, used mobile at desktop computers or remotely in the Cloud. CodeMeter Cloud Lite offers a barebones REST/SOAP licensing API, whereas CodeMeter Cloud brings full compatibility with all conventional CmDongles and CmActLicenses as well as an API for native, .NET, and Java applications and the popular automatic protection capabilities of CodeMeter Protection Suite. An existing user management system is not required, but can be easily and effectively integrated with the license portal.

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Discover which parts of CodeMeter work best for which scenarios and experience for yourself why CodeMeter is the single holistic solution that can serve all of your use cases and get you and your business ready for the future.