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Digital commerce –
Your licenses around the globe


One day you were particularly inspired and developed a unique software application.
Then you decided that, before promoting your new application, you should first protect it, and you chose CodeMeter. That was a brilliant idea because with AxProtector you enjoy a fully automatic path to robust security in the blink of an eye.

Next, you planned the features of all the various license models you will be selling and CodeMeter License Central proved an exemplary choice to create and manage your licenses in a flexible fashion.

But now? How do you reach the millions of potential customers around the globe and be sure you have a powerful system that takes care of the license deployment and simultaneously automate billings and renewals, and optimize your commerce operations 24/7?

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In cooperation with Avangate, the leading cloud commerce provider for online software businesses and cloud companies, Wibu-Systems has fully streamlined its protection and licensing technologies with Avangate’s digital commerce solutions. Now you can enjoy a complete framework from concept design to global outreach, increase your sales, go live in days, and accept global payments – a winning monetization platform to attract more customers to you.

During the webinar “Digital Commerce – Your licenses around the globe”, we will lead you through all the necessary steps, from protecting your application and defining license models with CodeMeter, to the management of your selling process in the Avangate shop system.

We will demonstrate live a real-world working example that you can easily replicate. You will learn:

  • how to protect your software in just five minutes with CodeMeter AxProtector
  • how to select and configure your licenses with CodeMeter License Central Internet Edition
  • how to set up your Avangate shop
  • how to connect this shop with CodeMeter License Central Internet Edition
  • how to distribute licenses via the cloud
  • how the customer’s experience of an activation will look
  • how to customize the process and the graphic user’s interface

No more excuses. You have all the advantages at once.

Technically, no programming is necessary: the connector we have developed between CodeMeter License Central Internet Edition and the Avangate e-commerce shop will let you easily navigate from one solution to the other. You can target any channel, any license model, and any market.

Invest one hour of your time in fostering your revenue growth. Do your homework once, and sell repeatedly through a secure, comprehensive, and convenient infrastructure.