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CodeMeter secures CODESYS applications


CODESYS is the most widely used manufacturer independent IEC 61131-3 Development System on the market. By including an integrated visualization with different clients, integrated connection to all standard fieldbus systems, motion functionality, safety solutions and communication interfaces, it covers the complete software side of automation.

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CodeMeter® is a world leading technology that streamlines software monetization strategies. With the same unique platform customers can enjoy the most sophisticated software protection techniques  and a highly flexible licensing management system. It finds optimal application in both the ISV and the industry automation worlds.

The partnership between CODESYS and Wibu-Systems was born out of the market need for IP protection against reverse engineering and copy protection against counterfeiting attempts. The integration of CodeMeter with CODESYS has involved different technological levels:

  • the protection of the source code in the development tool
  • the protection of the boot application
  • the protection of the usage through application functions and libraries
  • the creation of protected code for PLC target systems

There’s no better way to grasp all the details than to listen to the leading voices behind this strategic partnership and see the solution running before your eyes.

During this webcast you will learn

  • how you can easily implement software protection when developing with CODESYS
  • how you can add plugins for license management to your CODESYS-based application
  • how you can get your entry level development kit
  • about recent development undertaken by the two companies over the last few months

Meet your hosts

Oliver Winzenried, Wibu-Systems

Oliver Winzenried
CEO and founder
Wibu-Systems AG
With a degree in Electrical Engineering achieved at the University in Karlsruhe, he has immediately started an entrepreneurial career in electronic and ASIC design, hardware, microcontroller and embedded application development for consumer electronics, automotive and industrial engineering. Together with Marcellus Buchheit, in 1989 he then founded WIBU-SYSTEMS AG, whom he’s still the CEO of. His passion for software integrity has resulted in numerous patent awards that span across secure license management and dongle feature innovations.

Stefan Bamberg

Stefan Bamberg
Senior Key Account and Partner Manager
After studying computer science at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), he worked in R&D of traffic simulation before switching over to IT project management and Key Account Management responsible for large ICT companies. At Wibu-Systems he is now working in the Key Account Division of the sales department.

Dieter Hess, CODESYS

Dieter Hess
Owner and CEO
Dieter Hess studied Computer Science at the Technical University of Munich. After two years as a software engineer in the automation industry, he founded 3S-Systems (later named CODESYS) together with Manfred Werner in 1994. In his position as Chief Executive Officer he is mainly responsible for Product Development and Product Management, Marketing and Sales.

Anja Griesbauer

Anja Griesbauer
Product Marketing
Anja Griesbauer studied Chemistry at the Martin-Luther-University in Halle, Germany. After finishing her university degree in 2008, she continued to work on her PhD as a scientific assistant in physical chemistry. With her knowledge in technical science and her experience as a lecturer she joined 3S-Systems, later named CODESYS, at the beginning of 2013. In the Product Marketing Team she defines, documents and presents the products around the IEC 61131-3 Automation software CODESYS and is also responsible for different management tasks.