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Why has a security warning message been displayed on collecting since 2013-09-06?


Since the certificate of the Wibu Java-Plugin (WibuCmTrigger) expired on 6 September 2013, a signature warning related to the expired certificate might display.
You can prevent this by replacing the Wibu Java-Plugins with an updated WibuCmTrigger file in the Virtual Machine. Please proceed as follows:

  • Download the updated WibuCmTrigger file from our website at "Support & Downloads | Developer | CodeMeter License Central | Updates License Central".
  • Upload the file to the CodeMeter License Central VM.

In order to upload the file WibuCmTrigger.jar to CodeMeter License Central, please proceed as follows:

  • Login to Webmin.
  • Find this item "Other | Upload and Download" on the left.
  • Activate the tab "Upload to Server" on the right.
  • Select the file WibuCmTrigger.jar in the field "Files to upload".
  • Specify the target directory /var/www/LicenseCentral/public/plugin in the field "File or directory to upload to".
  • Click the "Upload" button to start the upload.

The WibuCmTrigger.jar file also needs to be replaced for WebDepot (when running the Internet Edition).