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If I encrypt with AxProtector using WibuKey 6.20 on Mac OS X, an error message is displayed that the file WkFirmMacX.dylib has not been found. Why?


This is a known issue.

The error messages "Error AXP1001 : file WkFirmMacX.dylib not found!" or "Java: Error: libwibuaxpjava: fatal error WB1001 - file WkFirmMacX.dylib not found." are displayed because the encryption is not performed within the AxProtector directory "/Applications/WIBU-SYSTEMS\Devkit/AxProtector/" by default.

A workaround is available until the release of AxProtector Version 9.0b which will change the default behavior. Please proceed as follows:

  • Switch to the directory "/Applications/WIBU-SYSTEMS\Devkit/AxProtector/".
  • Start AxProtector from here.