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Why is my new CmDongle not found and recognized by CodeMeter?


This can happen if you possess a new CmDongle with a serial number 3-xxx (item number 1001-03-xxx). Please find the serial number on the USB connector and the item number on the casing.

By default, these CmDongles ship without an assigned drive letter in Windows Explorer. The CmDongles instead register with the system as Human Interface Devices (HID).

In order to make CodeMeter recognize these CmDongles, you require the CodeMeter Runtime version 5.00 or later. If you use Linux, please note that the system must support HID devices.

Please use one of the following options to help CodeMeter find the new CmDongles:

  1. Update the CodeMeter Runtime to the current version you can download here.
  2. Reconfigure the CmDongle that the system detects it as removable disk. On a system able to detect the CmDongle, please proceed as follows:
    • Open a CodeMeter Command Prompt using "Start | All Programs | CodeMeter | Tools | CodeMeter Command Prompt".
    • Read the current configuration.
      Execute the following command, replacing <serial> with your CmDongle serial number, e.g. "3-123456":
      cmu32 -s <serial> --show-config-disk
    • Reconfigure your CmDongle to be detected as mass storage device.
      Execute: cmu32 -s <serial> --set-config-disk MsdCommunication
    • Remove and replug the CmDongle.