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What can I do if I retrieve an error with missing license 100021:xxxxx?


Starting with AxProtector Version 7.20 AxProtector itself is protected using the protection and licensing system CodeMeter to fend off attacks on our tools and improve protection also in your interest. When you are using AxProtector 7.20 or newer, you require separate CodeMeter licenses using Firm Code 100021. You can download and program the Firm Code free-of-charge into existing CodeMeter Firm Security Boxes (FSBs).

For programming these entries, an extension of CodeMeter License Central is available that provides a separate programming order for all registered FSBs.

If you have not yet updated these licenses in your FSB, please proceed as follows:

  • Make sure that CodeMeter License Server (runtime) is installed. No specific version is required.
  • Connect the FSB with your computer.
  • Open address in your browser.
    Please check any opening dialogs, e.g. for our ActiveX Plugin or Java Applet. Confirm the following queries with "Yes".
  • Choose the desired FSB.
  • Click the "Check for updates" button.

The subsequent page displays a list of licenses available for the selected FSB. If no licenses are listed, please follow the instructions on this page to update the missing assignments.

For activating the licenses, please proceed as follows:

  • Click the "Get updates" button to activate the licenses.
    The successful activation is confirmed.