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Is it possible to assign a permanent drive letter to a CmDongle?


This is only useful for CmDongles with flash memory. To assign a permanent drive letter, please proceed as follows:

  • Open CodeMeter Control Center.
  • Click the "Process | Stop CodeMeter Service" menu item to stop the CodeMeter License Server service.
  • Open Windows Explorer and right-click the item "Manage | Storage | Disk Management".
    Alternatively, open the Disc Management console via [Windows key] + [R] and type diskmgmt.msc into the field.
  • Find and select the CmDongle as mass storage device.
  • Right click on "Change Drive Letter and Paths…".
  • Assign a drive letter via the assistant.

This might not work for all operating systems and only for specific CodeMeter hardware. In this case, please contact Wibu-Systems support and submit information on your operating system and the hardware version of your CmDongles as displayed in CodeMeter WebAdmin.