Creating the WibuCmRaC file



When do I need to create a WibuCmRaC File?

Thank you for choosing CodeMeter! Your first step is We require a WibuCmRaC file to activate a CmDongle from the CodeMeter Toolkit to work as anfeatures in your FSB (Firm Security Box) within these cases:

  • First activation of your individual Firm Code. Follow in an FSB (all Firm Codes)
  • Change of the license model between you and Wibu-Systems
  • Renewal of licenses for CmDongle ( or CmActLicense ( Firm Codes. This is not required for Universal Firm Codes.

Please follow these instructions to create a WibuCmRaC file, which that you willshould send via email to license(at) or your sales representative. You will then receive an email with the next steps for the activation.


Please install the CodeMeter SDK found on the DVDthat you can find in the CodeMeter Toolkit on the DVD. Alternatively, you can download it from our website.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Please select one of the two CmDongles from the CodeMeter Toolkit and connect it to your PC. Now open the CodeMeter Control Center in the task bar, in the start menu, or with your desktop search function.

Select the CmDongle and click on “License Update”. The CmFAS Assistant will open.

Confirm the welcome page by clicking “Next”.

Select “Create License Request” and click “Next”.

Select the option “Extend Existing License” and click “Next”.

Select Firm Security Box Item (99) from the list of available vendors and click “Next”.

Choose the file name under which the license request file is to be saved. Remember the file name and click “Commit”. A license request file (“*.WibuCmRaC”) will be created and saved automatically.

You can complete the process by selecting “Finish”.

You can now send the license request file by email to license(at) or to your sales representative.

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