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Twice a year, the software protection and licensing specialists at Wibu-Systems publish the company’s popular KEYnote magazine with a roundup of all the latest innovations, tech news, and other stories from the industry. The fall/winter 2021 edition is the 42nd issue of the KEYnote magazine and will again be received by clients and users of Wibu-Systems’ products and services as well as security industry professionals at large.

This issue gives particular attention to Wibu-Systems’ new offerings for Docker and SAP’s Entitlement Management system, and covers the expanding capabilities of the company’s flagship CodeMeter technology with a closer look at professional licensing-based business models and the new protection technology for JavaScript software. In addition to an abundance of technology and business news, this issue features a special introduction of the IT Security Club, the dedicated co-creativity space for IT protection and security engineers and entrepreneurs on the new Wibu-Systems campus in Karlsruhe, Germany.

SAP’s Entitlement Management System (SAP EMS) was released in 2018 to facilitate the handling of entitlements in highly scalable environments. It is a natural companion for CodeMeter’s licensing and IP protection capabilities, and Wibu-Systems has brought its expertise to the table to manage the entitlements that need to be enforced on the user’s side. The KEYnote article outlines how both systems work together for easy-to-use and foolproof entitlement management.

CodeMeter 7.30 introduced new support for Docker containers with a custom mechanism for binding soft licenses to Docker containers and circumvent the inherent problem of container-based virtualization systems: Keeping the link between licenses and the licensed software intact across containers and preventing abuse of the system with a clever implementation of the CodeMeter License Server. This article goes in-depth into the optimal setup and practices for secure licensing in a Docker environment.

A typical use case for Docker containers is covered in a separate article: the ability to run mass-scale simulations in a fleet of containers, instead of massive rigs of hardware. A popular choice e.g., for testing simulations in the automotive sector, an approach that creates unique challenges and headaches for licensing the often highly sophisticated and custom simulation software. With CodeMeter support for Docker, Wibu-Systems keeps this IP safe and sound, whether real or virtual, on premise, or in the cloud.

One of the great advantages of CodeMeter is its unfailing commitment to interoperability and compatibility. This is made possible by Wibu-Systems working to have its protection tools function on most platforms and with most languages. This includes JavaScript, which is becoming a popular choice for server and standalone applications. With version 10.80 of CodeMeter Protection Suite, the AxProtector encryption and protection tool can now handle JavaScript code in its original form and brings the entire CodeMeter comfort and feature set to Node.js or Electron applications.

Professional users of CodeMeter will love the detailed information contained in this issue of KEYnote on different subscription licensing systems and their potential for novel business models. The magazine also includes a detailed look at how information is managed through CodeMeter License Central, an invaluable aspect when it comes to enjoying CodeMeter’s seamless integration options with third-party back-office systems like ERP, CRM, or e-commerce solutions.

A final highlight of this KEYnote 42 is its introduction of the IT Security Club, a dedicated cooperation platform for researchers, engineers, and entrepreneurs working in the field. Based at the House of IT Security on the Wibu-Systems campus in Karlsruhe, membership in the club offers access to modern office facilities and a connection with the vibrant community that is fast growing up at the new co-working hub. Different membership options are available for non-tenants to enjoy the infrastructure, the community, and the special services of the dedicated innovation manager at the club, whose role it is to support members in securing funding and raising the profile for their ventures on a national and European level.

The fall/winter 2021 edition of the KEYnote magazine has much to offer for every reader with an interest in IT security, protection, and licensing – all three key concerns and major drivers for the digital economy of the future.

news-5142 Tue, 07 Dec 2021 05:44:00 +0100 TVPaint uses CodeMeter for IP Protection and Software License Creativity https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/tvpaint-uses-codemeter-for-ip-protection-and-software-license-creativity.html CodeMeter offers a nimbler and more versatile licensing system CodeMeter offers a nimbler and more versatile licensing system

Wibu-Systems, a leader in the global software licensing market, has adapted its awarding-winning CodeMeter technology to protect IP and enable creative licensing for TVPaint Développement, a market leading bitmap animation technology company in Metz, France. TVPaint has been serving the art, animation, and design community since 1991 and is now regarded as one of the industry standards for 2D animation. With its business success and increasing number of customers, TVPaint had outgrown the existing licensing system and turned to Wibu-Systems for a solution to protect and license its IP that was both reliable and easy to implement for all their users.

The company originally relied on different generations of dongles for simple copy protection and software distribution by DVD, but the system eventually became a logistics challenge with physical distribution and dongle assignment taking up more and more of the company’s resources.

“We started working with dongles for copy protection,” says Thierry Cantet, Customer Support Manager at TVPaint Développement. “In the early days, we worked with dongles for the parallel interface and later switched to USB dongles. The basic idea stayed the same but offered little flexibility or scalability. We had to purchase dongles, add the right licenses, and then mail them to the customer. This was often very complicated, because we had several types of dongles. For example, someone who bought our software for fourteen users received five dongles: one for ten users and four for one user.”

As TVPaint’s success grew, so did the burden of the management logistics of the dongles. “We have a very large numbers of users,” says Dean C., Technical Sales Agent at TVPaint Développement, “all of whom had to receive DVDs with the software and dongles with the licenses. The logistics required more work year after year.”

TVPaint searched for a new license management solution and decided upon Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter software protection, licensing, and security technology. The CodeMeter license management system is used by global software publishers and intelligent device manufacturers to protect their IP and leverage creative licensing strategies to monetize their businesses. Switching over to the CodeMeter licensing system turned out to be the commercially and operationally best choice for TVPaint and a seamless implementation experience. With initial support for the company’s legacy dongle system and assistance with realigning TVPaint’s IT landscape, the technical switchover was finalized in a matter of hours, and CodeMeter’s license distribution and management processes quickly integrated with a rebuilt ERP system using Odoo. TVPaint’s products are now sold and licensed in a cleanly integrated and efficiently automated online process, leaving the company the time to concentrate on what it does best: Creating exceptional animation software.

“There’s a benefit for everyone,” says Dean C. “A customer who purchases our software online can start using it in a matter of minutes. That way, we do not just save the time and effort to ship thousands of dongles, but also realize significant savings on shipping costs, customs, and taxes.”  

Using CodeMeter solved yet another legacy issue. “Our software is available in two versions: Standard Edition and Professional Edition,” Dean C. explains. “Customers who purchased both versions used to receive two dongles that could not connect on one server. With CodeMeter, they can now run different versions on the same container.”

Marcel Hartgerink, General Manager of WIBU-SYSTEMS SARL, France, added “The flexibility and versatility we have built into CodeMeter allows customers like TVPaint Développement to scale their systems as their business grows and employ creative licensing strategies to not only satisfy their customers, but also to open new monetization options. Plus, the time savings in logistics and back-office efficiencies gained with integration of CodeMeter into TVPaint’s existing ERP system allows them to focus on their development efforts rather than getting caught up in administrative issues.”

news-5121 Thu, 18 Nov 2021 11:06:24 +0100 CodeMeter: The All-Rounder for Smart Industry Automation https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/codemeter-the-all-rounder-for-smart-industry-automation.html Wibu-Systems showcases new CodeMeter features at SPS 2021 Wibu-Systems showcases new CodeMeter features at SPS 2021

The show has been cancelled last minute. However, Wibu-Systems remains available for web meetings with prospects and the press. Just contact us to schedule a chat with our team.

* * * * *

Wibu-Systems, the pioneering enterprise behind the CodeMeter technology for IT protection, licensing, and security, is looking forward to the return of SPS – the Smart Production Solutions expo in Nuremberg, 23 to 25 November 2021. The popular industry show will be live in both in-person and online formats and will again be the place to be for everybody in the industry automation and smart manufacturing community.

The future of industry has begun to take shape with much of the underlying infrastructure already well-established and with many novel business models being tested live in a sector that many critics had tried to write off as too slow or too conservative. Instead, recent advances in connected and embedded technology have seen the vision of smart factories essentially realized, as the monolithic machines of yesteryear have given way to more versatile, software-driven equipment, highly integrated industrial networks, and a wholescale shift away from churning out massive quantities of standardized wares to the nimble and agile production of often highly customized products, including the bespoke designs made possible by industrial additive manufacturing.

This shift in the industrial landscape has made data a crucial asset for manufacturers and their clients. Wibu-Systems was one of the first companies to recognize this fundamental truth and was quick to bring its data protection and licensing expertise from the software field to the world of smarter, automated, and servitized industry. The company’s CodeMeter family includes many products designed especially for use in smart manufacturing, from protection and licensing for PLCs and embedded devices to clever technologies and services for the virtual and cloud systems that are becoming a mainstay of modern digital manufacturing.

Wibu-Systems will be an active presence both on site and on the show’s special online companion piece, SPS on Air. A team of representatives will be in Nuremberg to explain CodeMeter’s versatile design for different use cases in face-to-face meetings, including the ability to license and sell separate apps and features on embedded devices. This important capability is a win-win solution for device makers and their users, as both sides benefit from the lower upfront costs and more sustainable relationships made possible by mixing, matching, and upgrading machine functionalities as needed. It is also just one of the many business models made possible by CodeMeter, on par with the smart subscription licenses favored by the developers and users of costly engineering software or the flexible feature, time, or quantity-driven business models used in cloud services.

True to Wibu-Systems’ commitment to universality and interoperability, CodeMeter is an all-rounder for industrial users. They can discover more about Wibu-Systems’ products and solutions by visiting SPS on Air or booking meetings with the Wibu-Systems’ crew on site to learn about its new and expanded features for many of the premier virtualization and cloud systems used in today’s industry, with optimized support for Docker containers, improved license binding for Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud users, and Wibu-Systems’ own cloud services and cloud licenses. With industry-grade CmDongle hardware containers, CmActLicense software license containers, and the all-new CmCloudContainers, CodeMeter is the right choice for any industrial client.

Ruediger Kuegler, VP Sales and Security Expert at Wibu-Systems, is looking forward to seeing the community in action in Nuremberg and online: “SPS has long been one of our regular haunts and has become a symbol for Wibu-Systems’ commitment to the industrial automation scene. Even without a dedicated booth at this year’s show, we are excited about this great bouquet of new products and features we are bringing to the scene and can’t wait to show them in-person and online.”



news-5104 Thu, 11 Nov 2021 13:46:00 +0100 Rising above the fray: Taking protected code to the cloud https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/wibu-systems-introduces-codemoving-into-the-cloud.html Wibu-Systems introduces CodeMoving into the cloud Wibu-Systems introduces CodeMoving into the cloud

Wibu-Systems, the creative minds behind the CodeMeter family of IT protection, licensing, and security solutions, is introducing the ability to execute sensitive code in the cloud, a secure environment far away from the more easily manipulated and potentially compromised devices of users. Originally introduced as a feature for CmDongles, the company’s award-winning range of security hardware, CodeMoving affords users and developers the optimum in security, as it keeps the most critical intellectual property safely tucked away in a separate and exceptionally protected environment. Taking this ability to the cloud represents another step towards Wibu-Systems’ commitment to a more agile, freer, and flexible world without compromising on reliability or security.

Software can be protected in many different ways and striking the right balance between the level of protection and its impact on performance and the user experience is the challenge that software developers must face. Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter technology was built to make it easier for them and their users alike: Its core toolkit for protecting and licensing software, CodeMeter Protection Suite, comes with a choice of tools and configurations to match any desired level of protection, development environment, and licensing system. Its mainstay engine, AxProtector, encrypts entire applications with extensive automation features to simplify the developer’s life. For a more granular approach, the companion piece, IxProtector, lets developers choose which functions to encrypt and which to leave unencrypted to lessen the burden on performance or to design creative hybrid packages with individual protected pieces, e.g. for freemium or trial software.

Wibu-Systems’ seized the potential of IxProtector’s targeted encryption abilities to create CodeMoving. The original CodeMoving function worked by taking specifically flagged parts of the code and only decrypting and executing it on Wibu-Systems’ smart-card-enabled CmDongles. This keeps particularly sensitive IP or a software’s most crucial functions in a safe shell and away from the working memory of the user’s device. The remainder of the code would be run in that less high-security environment, albeit still with stringent precautions, as CodeMeter-protected code is only decrypted for the specific instant that it is needed and can be armed with traps to prevent blunt-force forms of attack. With the computing power on board CmDongles, the impact on performance remains minimal.

CodeMoving to the cloud takes this concept to the extreme: The earmarked pieces of the code are not moved to a CmDongle but sent to the secure environment of the CodeMeter Cloud Server, where they are decrypted, executed, and the output is returned to the user’s device. The simple elegance of this solution is made possible by the fast evolution of today’s cloud infrastructure, which Wibu-Systems is harnessing in its dedicated data center and range of cloud services. With CodeMoving to the cloud, developers can ensure that not a single byte of their most sensitive code is revealed in the open, not even in the secure shell of a CmDongle. With the ability to pick-and-mix only the most essential pieces of code to outsource, developers can keep the necessary data logistics to a minimum, and Wibu-Systems’ new CmCloud offerings, including versatile cloud licensing, promise great opportunities for integration with CodeMoving.

For software developers, the choice to take CodeMoving to the cloud is not a one-way street: Wibu-Systems’ traditional commitment to universal interoperability also extends to CodeMoving. The technology is fully compatible between CmDongles and CmCloudContainers, meaning that developers only have to integrate the ability once in their software and can then decide which container type they prefer. With the latest version of CodeMeter Runtime installed, either option is possible for CodeMoving, with no changes to the original software required.

Ruediger Kuegler, VP Sales at Wibu-Systems and one of the evangelists for the company’s cloud capabilities, sees CodeMoving to the cloud as a perfect expression of the philosophy of CodeMeter: “We are all about making software secure, but in a way that works efficiently and seamlessly for modern software businesses and their users. Running protected code in the cloud does just that: Perfect security, on the go and convenient for the user.”

news-5098 Thu, 04 Nov 2021 15:03:00 +0100 Crossing the next industrial frontier: Wibu-Systems at Formnext https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/wibu-systems-at-formnext.html Wibu-Systems showcases its protection solutions for additive manufacturing Wibu-Systems showcases its protection solutions for additive manufacturing

Wibu-Systems is bringing its world-leading IP protection and licensing solutions to Formnext, the trade show dedicated to the innovative field of additive manufacturing (AM) that is returning to an in-person format in Frankfurt, Germany, 16 to 19 November, and will host many pioneering actors in the field, including a special expo area for the German mechanical engineering association VDMA, where Wibu-Systems is exhibiting – hall 120, booth A01G.

Additive manufacturing represents the next frontier in the long history of industrial evolution and has the potential to be a gamechanger for many businesses and for the fabric of the world’s industry itself. As 3D printing has grown from a niche pursuit of specialized engineers and private enthusiasts into a viable option for large-scale manufacturing, the ability to create essential products and components on site, without dependence on complex, slow, and – as 2021 has shown – potentially fragile supply chains, would free up industrial enterprises to test innovative business models. With almost any geometry becoming possible, completely novel products can be produced with shapes and features never seen before. A new level of customization is possible as makers are not forced to churn out massive production runs of blandly identical products. And Manufacturing-as-a-Service is a genuine option for agile producers everywhere, as additive manufacturing removes the need to maintain their own factories or long-standing contracts with manufacturers operating monolithic and not easily retooled machines. The focus shifts from machine hardware to production data: Designs, operating systems, and production information are the new assets in a dynamic marketplace for manufacturing services.

Wibu-Systems has recognized the momentous nature of this shift and has decided to bring its popular and tried-and-tested IP protection and licensing technology to the additive manufacturing community. At Formnext, the security specialists of the company are showcasing the power of the CodeMeter family in the VDMA zone. The ability to securely encrypt intangible, but invaluable assets like product designs and monetize them in the manufacturing marketplace of the future gives all actors the essential confidence of knowing that their IP is safe.

CodeMeter has long been a fixture in the industrial world, with special industry-grade models of Wibu-Systems’ CmDongle hardware or with versions of the CodeMeter software for the embedded systems that make up much of today’s industrial IT infrastructure. Visitors at Formnext can expect to discover more about CodeMeter’s new cloud abilities, its license containers in the cloud, the capabilities of CodeMeter License Central as Wibu-Systems’ flagship for license management and its integration with SAP’s Entitlement Management System.

One particular highlight at the show is a look at Wibu-Systems’ contribution to the ProCloud3D project, a combined Sino-German venture in which high-profile enterprises and research institutions are working together on a model platform for additive Manufacturing-as-a-Service. Highly automated, user-friendly and, above all, secure thanks to Wibu-Systems’ technology, the ProCloud3D platform will offer a taste of what the future holds for a more nimble, responsive, and responsible manufacturing industry in the years to come.

Stefan Bamberg, Senior Key Account and Partner Manager at Wibu-Systems and a regular contributor to the AM efforts of the company, believes that the project is emblematic for the seismic shift in the industrial world: “Old assumptions will soon be a thing of the past: It is no longer a question of China being the world’s factory or Germany the country of engineers and developers. With additive manufacturing, designers and producers can be anywhere and cooperate with each other, no matter where they are. What they need is reassurance that their work is safe – and that is what we are here for.”

news-5089 Thu, 28 Oct 2021 11:44:00 +0200 Stable supply lines: Wibu-Systems hardware remains fully available https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/delivery-of-cmdongles-not-affected-by-global-chip-shortage.html Delivery of CmDongles not affected by the global chip shortage Delivery of CmDongles not affected by the global chip shortage

Wibu-Systems, the German pioneer of software protection and licensing technology and maker of sophisticated security hardware, announced that it has ample inventory of its popular CodeMeter hardware products and will continue to supply its customers with normal delivery times without any disruption, despite the current chip shortage and global supply chain crisis.

The worldwide microchip and semiconductor shortage, caused by an unfortunate coincidence of systemic problems and unforeseen circumstances, and compounded by the Covid pandemic’s repercussions throughout the global supply chains, is affecting manufacturers everywhere. From the makers of IT devices to the producers of household appliances or even cars, the slow supplies and rising prices are causing delivery delays and factory shutdowns everywhere. With the foresight to keep strong inventories of its hardware components and products and with the company’s belief in long-term partnerships and supply contracts, Wibu-Systems is unaffected by the current situation and can continue to supply its loyal clients with its award-winning products.

Wibu-Systems’ commitment to keeping substantial stores of its products goes against the grain of the excessive just-in-time ethos in logistics, as does the company’s support for long-term contracts and solid working relationships with its suppliers. As other supply chains in the IT world have long felt the strain of the accelerating digital transformation increasing demand, unexpected events like production problems in the Taiwanese semiconductor industry sent shockwaves down the line. Blockchain technologies, too quickly hailed as a panacea to most of the IT world’s ills, have been shown to actually exacerbate the problem, as the resource-hungry technology is one of the acknowledged drivers ramping up demand for microprocessors and computing power. Coinciding with the Covid pandemic’s impact on global trade, this systemic fragility and the proverbial black swan events have revealed the weaknesses in the industry’s foundations.

Wibu-Systems’ early moves to ensure deliveries of critical components via its European sources have proven to be a model of antifragility in action: While the price increases caused by the current situation have to be accommodated, Wibu-Systems will be able to supply all of its customers with the IT protection and licensing products they need as they need them.

Beyond its ability to deliver its hardware secure elements, be it CmSticks, CmCards or CmASICs, reliably, Wibu-Systems also leaves its clients and users a choice of licensing container types: The physical CmDongles have long been a guarantee of exceptional security, with great portability and offline availability for use cases that do not allow regular Internet connections. CmActLicenses, the smart software license containers that bind to a digital fingerprint of the user’s system, skirt the entire issue of hardware availability and promise still high security standards with even faster availability than dongles. And the newest addition to the CodeMeter family, CmCloudContainers, take the popular protection and licensing capabilities to the cloud for unrivalled flexibility, mobility, and a level of protection on par with CmDongles.

Oliver Winzenried, Founder and CEO at Wibu-Systems, sees the situation as an expression of the company’s vision: “At Wibu-Systems, we consider ourselves business enablers for our clients. Our protection, licensing, and security technologies help safeguard and monetize their IP. And the recent events show that our business practices also help our clients, with steady supplies of the quality products that they have come to rely on.”

news-5083 Thu, 14 Oct 2021 08:09:36 +0200 Wibu-Systems goes north: Digital security excellence for Europe’s pioneering digital states https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/wibu-systems-opens-stockholm-office-for-scandi-baltic-region.html Wibu-Systems opens its Stockholm office to serve the Scandi-Baltic region Wibu-Systems opens its Stockholm office to serve the Scandi-Baltic region

Wibu-Systems, Germany’s leading advocates for digital protection, licensing, and IT security solutions, are recognizing the exceptional progress made by the Scandinavian and Baltic Sea nations towards truly digital societies and connected economies with a dedicated corporate entity for the company’s business in the Nordic countries and their neighbors across the sea. Headquartered in Stockholm and entrusted to the internationally experienced hands of Marcel Hartgerink, the new operations represent another step in Wibu-Systems’ international growth story.

Located just a stone’s throw from the historic center of Stockholm, the site chosen for the new office seems emblematic of the role that the Scandinavian and Baltic Sea nations are playing not just for Wibu-Systems’ own business, but for the digital revolution in Europe writ large: It stands at the confluence between tradition and modernity, where age-old trade corridors meet the connected society of the Internet age. Scandinavia, with its highly educated population, excellent digital infrastructure, and a penchant for smart solutions and good design, has long established itself as a seedbed for innovation in Europe. The diverse economies of Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland include many forward-thinking enterprises that have fully embraced the potential of the digital age and new technologies, ranging from giants of traditional industry like one of the first major auto brands transitioning to an all-electric fleet to the many bijou start-ups that are revolutionizing public services, healthcare, media, and many other parts of the economic landscape across Scandinavia. The smaller Baltic states are also punching far above their weight as trailblazing models for digital governance, smarter IT-driven economies, and a new type of agility in their entrepreneurial cultures.

As business and much of society’s physical and political infrastructure have moved en masse into the digital realm in these states, local entrepreneurs, political leaders, and leading thinkers have long recognized the importance of security and trustworthiness as the underpinnings of the new societies that are fast growing up in Europe’s northern and northeastern reaches: Cyberattacks are a constant concern, especially as state actors are increasingly moving onto this terrain, as is the protection of intellectual property for increasingly digital economies. Young software and IT-driven businesses, such as those that have sprung up around the Baltic Sea since the 1990s, see their most important assets not in physical goods or brick-and-mortar buildings, but in more intangible resources: Code, data, and information. The ability to not only safeguard such assets, but to bring them to market, reliably and profitably, is paramount for all of them.

This is the perfect audience for the technologies and services of Wibu-Systems, which has long served many Scandinavian clients from its home in Karlsruhe, Germany. With more than three decades of experience and technological evolution under its belt, Wibu-Systems has established itself as one of the premier names in the licensing and protection industry with its flagship CodeMeter technology. Built as both a dependable shield against cyber-attacks, IP theft, and sabotage and a true business enabler with versatile licensing models to monetize software or data, the CodeMeter family includes high-tech developer tools, a range of industry-grade security hardware, and a whole host of cloud offerings and technical and commercial services, all provided for one purpose: To help make the digital economy a better, safer, and more rewarding place.

The new head of Wibu-Systems’ Stockholm operations, Marcel Hartgerink, has already proven his mettle for the company’s international expansion. He is now adding the Nordic and Baltic region to his track record of success and excellent service in the British, French, Benelux, and Iberian markets: “Both shores of the Baltic Sea have a reputation as Europe’s Silicon Valley for new digital societies. I’m excited to have this opportunity to bring our expertise to this region in a more focused, dedicated, and uniquely Scandi-Baltic form – and Stockholm is the perfect place to do so.”

Anybody interested in Wibu-Systems’ portfolio in the Scandinavian market will have an opportunity to discover more about the CodeMeter technology in the two upcoming northern stops of the regular Wibu Workshop, coming to Stockholm on 16 November and Copenhagen on 23 November. Online alternatives are available for anybody unable or not yet ready to attend in person. For more information and registrations, visit the dedicated page.

news-5065 Wed, 29 Sep 2021 15:02:00 +0200 CodeMeter and JavaScript share an underlying principle of universal versatility https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/codemeter-and-javascript-same-principle-of-universal-versatility.html AxProtector JavaScript: Breaking down borders AxProtector JavaScript: Breaking down borders

The CodeMeter family of protection, licensing, and security solutions made by Wibu-Systems is becoming even more universal and versatile with AxProtector JavaScript, a dedicated tool for JavaScript applications included in CodeMeter Protection Suite, the powerful and popular developer toolbox.

As JavaScript surpasses the quarter century mark since its creation, the language continues to grow in strength with every iteration bringing new capabilities, use cases, and user groups. While it may still be familiar to most incidental users as a language for client-side browser applications, it has matured into a first choice for desktop and server-side programs, opening up a wealth of new opportunities just as the world turns to an increasingly online experience. JavaScript is at work in many of the connected systems that blur the line between on-premise, edge, or cloud applications in the new digital economy and smart industry. It is little wonder that JavaScript has experienced a year-long wave of enthusiasm among developers and users alike, currently ranking high among the top development languages in the Tiobe index.

Wibu-Systems, the protection and licensing professionals from Karlsruhe, have long been committed to bringing their expertise to the JavaScript world. Its inherent openness and malleability, however, had in the past given rise to concerns about the security of systems and IP – a worry only compounded as JavaScript established itself as one of the workhorses of digital, commercial network infrastructures, cloud-based businesses, and modern smart industry. This is why CodeMeter Protection Suite, the essential toolkit used to protect and license applications with Wibu-Systems’ unrivaled CodeMeter technology, now includes AxProtector JavaScript. The dedicated version of the AxProtector encryption and protection tool allows developers to encrypt their applications either completely or with modular encryption for more creative customization, and to integrate licensing deep and tamperproof into the resulting applications. Optionally, the IP Protection Mode adds protection against reverse engineering without licenses, making it an ideal choice for securing valuable intangible assets in demo or freemium software without worrying about IP theft.

AxProtector JavaScript is fully integrated with the CodeMeter family of license distribution and management solutions, including the popular CodeMeter License Central for easy and user-friendly handling of the licensing process and a choice of license containers, ranging from tough CmDongle hardware containers or industry-grade ASICs to software and even entirely cloud-based CmCloudContainers. The addition of AxProtector JavaScript puts all the technical sophistication and creative commercial potential of CodeMeter at the fingertips of JavaScript developers and users. Whether they are manufacturers interested in securing JS-based server apps that run their business operations or developers of desktop applications looking for more straightforward software licensing and protection, CodeMeter is the perfect choice with its proven technology and commitment to cross-compatibility and universality that closely mirrors JavaScript’s own principle of one technology working everywhere: on servers or on premise, stand-alone or in a Docker Container, on a single computer or in a connected landscape.

AxProtector JavaScript can encrypt, protect, and license node.JS server applications and standalone Electron applications. Even without direct support for browser applications, this covers the entire backbone of the JavaScript world, including the server-side, hidden machinery that makes the traditional, user-facing browser app function in the first place. The extensive automation features built into AxProtector make adding these protections easy and convenient. Without need for many manual interventions or laborious cross-compiling, the applications are encrypted in a single procedure or in a modular method-by-method configuration for more customizability, and they stay encrypted until and only exactly when they are needed. With minimal impact on performance, the licenses – if any – are checked and the protected JavaScript code is decrypted on-the-fly to allow the application to run or activate a separately protected feature.

Ruediger Kuegler, VP Sales and Security Expert at Wibu-Systems, sees similarities in the thinking behind JavaScript and CodeMeter: “For Wibu-Systems and the makers of JavaScript, it is all about openness: We don’t want our technology limited by the artificial borders between platforms, technologies, or actual hardware. We want everything to work, securely and reliably in the preferred ecosystem or infrastructure, today and tomorrow. That is what we mean by true compatibility.”

news-4973 Wed, 15 Sep 2021 09:00:00 +0200 Wibu-Systems’ new Karlsruhe campus: Engineered for security https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/advanced-structural-engineering-with-codemeter.html Advanced structural engineering made possible with CodeMeter-protected CAD technology Advanced structural engineering made possible with CodeMeter-protected CAD technology

Straddling the historic Rhine valley rail line, one of Germany’s main economic arteries, the new Wibu-Systems campus adds an exciting chapter to the story of industrial and technological prowess in Karlsruhe. The site combines the new head offices, R&D and production facilities for the leading protection, licensing, and IT security experts with the unique House of IT Security, a technology hub and IT Security Club co-working space dedicated to the pursuit of innovation in all the nuances of cybersecurity.

Both buildings were created with the joint expertise of the structural engineers of Haag Ingenieure from Ettlingen, Germany and the CAD specialists of Glaser Programmsysteme from Wennigsen, Germany. Their work and the vision of Wibu-Systems’ CEO Oliver Winzenried have come together to make not only an attractive place to work and a hothouse for the city’s IT talent, but also a physical statement of Wibu-Systems’ belief in future growth and innovation and its commitment to its local roots and traditions.

The engineers at Haag’s turned to Glaser for their specialized construction engineering software, ISBCAD. Purpose-built for its job, ISBCAD deliberately narrows down the functional spectrum of regular, unspecific CAD applications to concentrate specifically on creating perfect architectural and structural engineering plans, with particularly powerful functions for reinforcement, cladding, and formwork calculations. The resulting data can be easily exported with a range of file formats and interfaces at the user’s disposal. This includes the ability to produce the data for enveloping surface calculations, a must-have for designing buildings to comply with Germany’s strict energy efficiency standards.

This latter question also figured prominently in the design of Wibu-Systems’ Karlsruhe campus, where the hulls and materials of the buildings were chosen carefully to make both the new company headquarters and the House of IT Security as energy efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.

To protect the invaluable IP invested into their sophisticated CAD solution, the engineers at Glaser decided to seize the moment when the company moved its software to the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 to rethink their licensing and protection systems. Long before their technology would eventually be used for the architecture of Wibu-Systems’ new home, Glaser already chose to go with CodeMeter, the versatile and comprehensive protection, licensing, and security technology. This not only gave them access to CodeMeter’s extensive configuration options, with their potential for establishing new sales channels and business models, but also allowed them to replace their previous licensing system’s dongles with Wibu-Systems’ stylish and high-tech CmStick hardware, a visible token of quality for the thousands of users of ISBCAD.

Glaser’s CEO, Matthias Glaser, sees serendipity at work, with his company's ISBCAD software now contributing to a new home for his software protection partner: “Our software and mixed reality solutions help developers bring even challenging projects to life. For the Wibu-Systems Campus, the team at Haag Ingenieure did an excellent job at expressing the values and ideals of their client in architectural form. And with our own commitment to always provide reliable and innovative products and services for practitioners and our belief in maintaining lasting and sustainable relationships with our clients and partners, we are proud that our company was part of this venture."

Christoph Haag, owner of Haag Ingenieure, added: “It was great to be able to be in charge of the structural engineering for the new Wibu-Systems’ Campus. It was a demanding project, in which we managed to reconcile a structurally sound, fit-for-purpose design with the wish for an economical and aesthetically pleasing building. One of the unique challenges for us structural engineers was spanning the Zimmerstrasse, a public thoroughfare, with the Wibu-Systems building. Our solution was integrating two reinforced concrete trusses and deep beams in the facade planes, so that we now have a five-floor, 55-foot wing freely bridging the road without any need for additional support columns. Our structural concept beyond the building's core areas uses point-supported flat slabs instead of fixed load-bearing walls and bearer beams to give us top flexibility for both building services and the space layout itself”.

Their sentiments are echoed by Oliver Winzenried, CEO and Co-Founder at Wibu-Systems: “The engineers at Haag Ingenieure helped us put a new landmark on the map of Karlsruhe’s unique IT ecosystem. With them using the CAD software of Glaser, and Glaser in turn relying on our CodeMeter technology to keep their intellectual property protected, we have come full-circle – we all benefit from each other’s strengths, and our city and its vibrant IT community benefit just as much from the spirit and energy we can add.”

news-4952 Thu, 26 Aug 2021 04:57:00 +0200 Wibu-Systems adds its security and licensing expertise for a smarter industrial world https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/procloud3d-additive-manufacturing-on-an-industrial-scale.html ProCloud3D: Additive manufacturing on an industrial scale ProCloud3D: Additive manufacturing on an industrial scale

Wibu-Systems, a world-renowned IT security leader at the service of connected industry, has joined prominent German and Chinese industry partners and top actors from the academic world, including Germany’s RWTH Aachen University and the Beijing University of Technology, for the ProCloud3D research project. The venture is putting the concept of a smarter production industry to the test with a high-performance platform for industrial-scale additive manufacturing that keeps those most intangible, but most invaluable assets, designs, and production data, safe and secure, wherever the actual products are made and whoever is making them. Selected as one of two projects in the running for funding support from both China’s Ministry of Science and Technology and Germany’s Ministry of Education and Research, ProCloud3D is set to be a milestone demonstration of the powerful vision of Industry 4.0 and the “China Strategy 2015 to 2020” program.

As traditional manufacturing begins to give way to new forms of doing business in the industry, academic researchers and commercial enterprises – both household names and aspiring young startups – are questioning what this will mean in practice. Smarter, connected machines have learned to make even highly customized goods in both massive production runs and strictly limited editions, as their new versatility allows them to cut out much of the labor-intensive retooling and setup that had long kept factories tied to producing one thing only and only in large numbers. With industrial 3D printers pushing the envelope for what customization can mean, this has upended many of the commercial calculations and business models that manufacturers had adhered to with little change since the third industrial revolution.

But this new freedom comes at a cost, and that is the transition from a dependence on physical hardware to a reliance on more intangible factors: Software, data, and connectivity. For the new business models promised by Industry 4.0 to come to fruition, the providers of manufacturing-as-a-service and their clients require new platforms and infrastructure in place to handle the data transactions needed to make the system work. ProCloud3D intends to create such a holistic platform for intelligent manufacturing and smart services, using industrial additive manufacturing (AM) as an ideal test case. In industrial AM, 3D printers can create nearly any geometric form from a stream of data – the designs and machine operating instructions that become the essential asset in the new industrial economy. The platform envisioned by ProCloud3D will show how these assets can be shared, processed, and handled effectively and securely in the cloud.

The platform revolves around a web frontend, which provides usage of the technology database where the essential data, the designs, and the code needed to make parts on the ground are stored. This data is transferred and processed in a holistically automated process chain to arrive at the 3D printer, potentially located on the other side of the world. ProCloud3D covers the entire flow from a client ordering a production service to the necessary data’s secure processing and transmission and on to its translation into actual operating instructions for the provider of the additive manufacturing service.

With Wibu-Systems’ expertise in data protection and the licensing of digital assets, the specialists from Karlsruhe occupy a central spot in the ProCloud3D undertaking: Securing the entire process against threats from multiple vectors. The data has to be protected at every step from its source to its destination to prevent theft, counterfeiting, and industrial espionage, and the business model depends on all parties knowing that the data is used only for the purpose it is meant for and only to the intended extent. This is not just to stop unscrupulous producers from making surplus products for the grey market, but it is indeed a fundamental building block of the entire system: The ability to place specific orders in an open and free market for manufacturing services, with the necessary controls and certainty to make correct billing possible. From the ability to share data with the confidence that protected designs and confidential business information cannot be stolen or tampered with to the knowledge that the commissioned manufacturer will be able to create exactly the components and products that were ordered, without commercial, security, or quality risks, the platform thus weaves together the many strands for the concept of distributed manufacturing to function as intended, with trust and security built in by design.

Alvaro Forero, Head of CERT, Professional Consultant, and Security Expert at Wibu-Systems, is proud of the company’s contribution: “ProCloud3D is an important test case for the potential of industrial additive manufacturing, open data marketplaces, and manufacturing-as-a-service. It is great to see Wibu-Systems’ technology playing such a key part in making the vision of a new industrial economy come true.”

Moritz Kolter, Project Leader and Ph.D. candidate at the Chair of Digital Additive Production at RWTH Aachen, emphasizes the importance of trust for the evolution of AM: “Developing trust in a shared and decentralized supply chain is key to not only bringing the benefits of Additive Manufacturing to fruition, but more importantly, forming the basis for making it accessible to everyone, thus, enabling new business models.”    

Andreas Collet, Leader of the Digital Production Group at the Chair of Digital Additive Production, works on data formats, information models, and software architecture to achieve full data driven AM-potentials. He added: “It is great to see that our research helps bring projects like ProCloud3D to life and transfer knowledge from academia to meaningful industrial applications in an international and trustful cooperation.”

news-4917 Tue, 27 Jul 2021 06:33:00 +0200 Custom Licensing Adapter: Retrofitting CodeMeter onto older licensing systems https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/retrofitting-codemeter-onto-older-licensing-systems.html Wibu-Systems brings its licensing power to legacy systems Wibu-Systems brings its licensing power to legacy systems

Wibu-Systems, the maker of one of the world’s leading IT protection, licensing, and security technologies, is advancing the licensing capabilities of all legacy software publishers. With three decades of its own history in the business, the Karlsruhe-based company knows the value of continuity and compatibility. This understanding has led to the creation of CodeMeter Custom Licensing Adapter, a dedicated extension to the popular CodeMeter License Central suite that slots right in between older software with an established licensing system and modern, full-featured licensing concepts.

Software developers everywhere have come to be loyal fans of CodeMeter for the versatility that Wibu-Systems’ technology offers them with its choice of hardware, software, and cloud license containers, its ready integration with leading back-office systems, and its broad range of license configurations and operating concepts to suit any business model. However, few software vendors are starting from scratch. Many, if not most, already have proprietary or other third-party licensing systems of varying reliability in place, sometimes the product of a long evolution alongside their software. While Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter is already designed to make the transition to its modern and more powerful system as smooth and efficient as possible, the move would often require a full-scale switchover to a new version of their software – in some cases a technical impossibility and in even more instances a commercial or procedural hurdle, as existing customers would have to accept this sudden departure from existing and often long-cherished software versions.

The usual route out of this conundrum for software publishers is to run different, patched versions of their products in parallel for the transition period, which again entails considerable technical and commercial challenges, as even the tiniest differences between versions can become serious fault lines with the potential to upset data compatibility and, by implication, business continuity for loyal, long-time users.

CodeMeter Custom Licensing Adapter (CLA) was developed by Wibu-Systems to circumvent these challenges and fault lines. It allows software developers to move to the full comfort and robust functionality of CodeMeter License Central for their license management needs, without breaking compatibility with their legacy licensing systems. CLA acts as a translator between CodeMeter License Central and the licenses generated with an older system. It uses the format of the legacy licenses as a template for binding the new CodeMeter-created licenses, and in turn translates the licenses and license management operations coming from CodeMeter License Central to work with the custom type already in place.

This simple, but clever solution means that no changes need to be made to the software out in the field, while the new, levelled-up system can handle all the operations that CodeMeter License Central is known for. This naturally includes its integration with ERP or other back-office systems, allowing license management transactions like license creation, distribution, and monitoring to be automated even with the old licenses. At the same time, software developers can use CodeMeter to license all new software or even introduce completely new license-based business models, like subscription services, without having to leave loyal existing customers behind.

Ruediger Kuegler, VP Sales and Security Expert at Wibu-Systems, sees CLA as fulfilling the promise of Wibu-Systems − cutting-edge licensing technology with real compatibility: “We have made it a point that users should not have to pay a price for wanting to work with the systems they have come to love. All users of CodeMeter deserve the same excellent performance, whichever system or software they prefer. And with CLA, they can do just that – without even being aware that something is different in the background.”

news-4881 Thu, 24 Jun 2021 10:41:00 +0200 PROCENTEC Leverages the Power of CodeMeter to further Strengthen Industrial Network Security https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/procentec-strengthens-industrial-network-security.html CodeMeter Technology protects the IP and enables innovative sales models CodeMeter Technology protects the IP and enables innovative sales models

Wibu-Systems, a major leader in the field of secure software licensing, has employed its CodeMeter flagship technology to help PROCENTEC, a Dutch supplier active in the industrial automation market and a member of the HMS Group, drive business innovation. Already a household name in its sectors thanks to its popular PROFIBUS, PROFINET, Industrial Ethernet and Ethernet/IP network stability products, PROCENTEC has become the primary manufacturer of network components with integrated remote monitoring and remote asset-management capabilities. With the invaluable IP invested in these products, PROCENTEC had outgrown its original proprietary protection and licensing systems and turned to Wibu-Systems consulting services to tailor CodeMeter technology to their specific requirements.

At the core of the vision of Industry 4.0 are smart factories which rely on massive and intricate communication networks whose data traffic monitors and controls production processes using dedicated communication protocols and highly sophisticated networking hardware and software. PROCENTEC’s monitoring hardware and intelligent software solutions for predictive industrial network diagnostics ensure that these networks operate with the necessary integrity stability, and reliability. In a context where any downtime means immediate financial losses, monitoring the health, reliability, and security of such a complex environment is a significant challenge for factory owners and operators.

Under the influence of a rapid pace and ever-evolving Industry 4.0 manufacturing environment, PROCENTEC needed to update their existing licensing and protection system. CodeMeter, Wibu-Systems software protection, licensing, and security technology, is used by global software publishers and intelligent device manufacturers to protect against cyber-threats and leverage creative licensing strategies to monetize their businesses. The custom solution for PROCENTEC was built around a core of soft-licenses – CmActLicenses – and the Datacenter Edition of CodeMeter License Central, a database-driven license and entitlement management solution for license creation, delivery, and management, housed in the safe and reliable environment of a shared server in Wibu-Systems data center.

The custom CodeMeter solution gives PROCENTEC superior IP protection throughout the entire supply chain, without compromising the usability of the tamper-resistant solution. Additionally, the versatile built-in licensing options of CodeMeter open the doors to business strategy innovation and the introduction of new sales models allowing PROCENTEC to excel in the fast-evolving, competitive industrial automation marketplace.

Matthew Dulcey, CTO of PROCENTEC, shared its enthusiastic view for the results achieved: “We don't like to see the knowledge and experience we put into software development being misused by other parties. Initially, we were looking for a stronger method that would protect our software from intrusion and unauthorized use. By performing some basic tests, we found out that CodeMeter from Wibu-Systems offers more than just the minimal protection of the source code, which we used to apply earlier on. In addition, we are thinking of introducing a license management system that would allow clients to only be invoiced for used packages from a bundle of purchased licenses – this is something Wibu-Systems can offer that our original license system could not.”

Marcel Hartgerink, General Manager of WIBU-SYSTEMS BV, added: “CodeMeter brings a new class of protection for PROCENTEC’s IP. The ease-of-use and natural flexibility of CmActLicenses make it an efficient and compact solution for PROCENTEC’s clients, as all the license management functionality can happen in the background. With CodeMeter’s built-in licensing options allowing a plethora of conventional and innovative models, PROCENTEC now also can introduce new choices for its clients. Trial, demo, and rental plans are now readily available.”

news-4841 Tue, 25 May 2021 08:42:24 +0200 Wibu-Systems takes up residence on its new Karlsruhe campus https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/wibu-systems-new-karlsruhe-campus.html A physical commitment to local IT excellence A physical commitment to local IT excellence

The global IT security pioneer Wibu-Systems and visionary architecture studio archis have combined their passion for innovative design and commitment to their local roots in Karlsruhe with the creation of a unique corporate campus. A beacon for local IT security expertise, an attractive new home for the city’s tech community, and an experiment in modern office and industrial architecture all rolled into one, the new campus, which houses Wibu-Systems HQ and its sister, the House of IT Security, is set to keep Karlsruhe on the IT innovation map for decades to come. The contribution of IBA Immobilien as project developer, mdbm as project controller, and Wolff+Müller as general contractor helped to make it possible.

Located on Karlsruhe’s old freight yards, the all-new building straddles both sides of the city’s economic and industrial past and future: A traditional hub for commerce and industry on Germany’s historical Rhine axis and a hothouse for tech talent in the new world of connected and smart industry. Built to precise quality standards and with an ambitious eco footprint, the new six-story headquarters accommodates offices, lab and research facilities, and high-tech production resources. With photovoltaic energy, high-tech cooling and heating systems, a careful choice of building materials, and an abundance of charging stations for electric cars and bicycles, special attention was paid to making the building as sustainable and environmentally friendly as it is welcoming and appealing to its occupants. For a company active in the sensitive field of IT security, the design included top-class access controls, special security zones, and highly reliable power and data access.

As a prominent proponent of modern smart industry concepts and novel business models, Wibu-Systems decided to turn to the leading minds in facility and process design for the company’s new production operations. With the expertise and innovative virtual modeling capabilities of the DigiFab4KMU project and the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, the layout and operating logic of Wibu-Systems’ new production site could be flexibly designed, tweaked, and perfected for optimum efficiency, automation, and output quality. In line with the company’s commitment to local talent and excellence − “Made in Germany” − most of the innovative concepts and materials used in constructing the production and office facilities originated in local partnerships or were sourced from vendors in the region.

Alongside the new Wibu-Systems head offices, the House of IT Security is set to welcome a stimulating assembly of entrepreneurs, researchers, and institutional tenants in its fixed-lease units and co-working spaces. Dedicated specifically to talent in the IT security field, the House of IT Security is the perfect companion for Wibu-Systems and another boost for Karlsruhe’s vibrant tech community.

For Oliver Winzenried, founder and CEO of Wibu-Systems, the building marks another stage in the company’s history: “It has not only been a personal vision of mine, but also an expression of what Wibu-Systems is all about: Built for the future, with cutting-edge technology at its core and with uncompromising standards and quality. But it is also built with a sense of place, with our roots here in Karlsruhe and the IT Security Club in the House of IT Security right next door. Made for our people, with great new spaces and facilities to enjoy and to continue to do our best in a place we all love coming to.”

news-4829 Tue, 18 May 2021 08:00:00 +0200 Wibu-Systems wins the coveted German Innovation Award 2021 https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/wibu-systems-wins-german-innovation-award.html CmCloudContainers bring tried-and-tested security technology to the cloud CmCloudContainers bring tried-and-tested security technology to the cloud

Wibu-Systems, the pioneer for software protection and licensing technology, continues its tradition of excellence by taking home the German Innovation Award 2021 for its new CmCloudContainers. Presented every year by the German Design Council, the much-coveted award is given to forward-thinking enterprises for the added value and benefits that they contribute to people’s lives through innovative products and technologies. This year, the six-member jury, drawn from industry and academia, named Wibu-Systems’ novel CmCloudContainers among the winners in recognition of their contribution to a safer and more secure life in the digital cloud.

CmCloudContainers are the third and latest member of the CodeMeter license container family. Joining hardware CmDongles and software CmActLicenses, these fully cloud-based containers complete the lineup for today’s increasingly connected, mobile, and intangible digital world. Every container type has use cases that it is uniquely suited for: CmDongles, with their on-board smart card chips, are mobile and secure vessels for the license keys; CmActLicenses are the easiest solution from a logistical standpoint; and CmCloudContainers are optimal when freedom is paramount for users. Without the risk of losing them or being bound to a specific endpoint, CmCloudContainers provide users with free access to their software anytime and anywhere, as long as they can connect to the cloud. As the transition towards mobility and new forms of working continues at a rapid pace, enterprises everywhere are discovering the many benefits of that liberty and flexibility.

Designed to accompany Wibu-Systems’ broader cloud services, including dedicated CodeMeter Cloud servers, and to fit in perfectly with the company’s versatile licensing technology, the new container format marks another milestone in the company’s evolution from its origins in conventional software protection to its role as a proponent of IT security as a business enabler. From embedded systems to end user devices, smart factories to smart homes, or hardware dongles to cloud servers, CodeMeter’s protection and licensing capabilities are intelligent and flexible enough to enable the most sophisticated and innovative business models, including subscription and pay-per-use options or Software-as-a-Service concepts.

True to Wibu-Systems’ long-standing commitment to full compatibility, the new cloud-based containers were developed to fit perfectly into the existing CodeMeter ecosystem. The means and process for protecting and licensing software remain unchanged: developers and vendors can continue to use the protection approach of their choice, using either the popular CodeMeter Protection Suite or the CodeMeter Core API to encrypt, protect, and license their products. The difference lies only in the way licenses are distributed. With no physical dongle to ship or license file to send, the process relies on special credentials for each cloud user: CmCloudContainers are created, either manually or automatically, and reside in the cloud with the license for the users’ software. The users can then access these with their credentials, again either sent separately or distributed by an existing ERP or e-commerce platform. With optional integration of a Single-Sign-On system, the entire process of creating and managing CmCloudContainers can be integrated into the existing landscape, making the entire workflow as lean and unobtrusive as possible for both vendors and users.

As receipt of the German Innovation Award 2021 demonstrates, CmCloudContainers are more than a perfect complement for the existing CodeMeter universe. They also represent a major step towards truly securing software in the cloud and thereby overcoming the remaining concerns of initially cloud-wary developers and users. Ruediger Kuegler, VP Sales and Security Expert at Wibu-Systems, is proud to receive the award: “For us, the German Innovation Award is a sign that people recognize the passion and effort that we invest into our products and technologies and the benefits they bring to society at large. This is the Wibu-Systems’ way: technical excellence that makes our world more secure and easier to navigate.”

news-4815 Thu, 29 Apr 2021 04:06:00 +0200 CodeMeter Cloud Lite: Lite as Air, Clever as Ever https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/codemeter-cloud-lite-for-saas-applications.html Cloud licensing capabilities perfectly aligned for SaaS applications Cloud licensing capabilities perfectly aligned for SaaS applications

Wibu-Systems, the German forerunner for protection, licensing, and security solutions for the software industry, continues to expand its cloud footprint with a new version of CmCloudLite, the slimmed-down edition of its full-featured CmCloud technology. With all the familiar licensing capabilities on board and with integration into existing backend solutions made easy, the latest Cloud option brings the popular CodeMeter experience to the leaner and resource-conscious world of mobile and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications.

True to its principle of total compatibility, the CmCloud licensing service works with all the capabilities provided by CodeMeter Protection Suite, the versatile toolkit for manually or automatically encrypting and licensing applications when running software in insecure environments. But not every use case needs all these protection functions on board: Software developers or firms running software already in secure environments might want to forego these protection capabilities in favor of a slimmer solution and smaller footprint. CmCloudLite was created with their needs in mind.

CmCloudLite is the dedicated solution for licensing software in a secure cloud environment without the additional protection functions of CodeMeter Protection Suite. It does so by teaming up with an existing Single-Sign-On (SSO) system to realize the CmCloud vision of truly user-centric licenses: Licenses that allow users to run their software from the cloud, wherever and on whichever device they are, without the need for physical (CmDongle) or software (CmActLicense) containers. Unlike CmCloud’s tool of choice for binding known users or user groups to a license – the credential file – which does not need an SSO system in place to function, CmCloudLite leverages the use cases that typically rely on the presence of such a system, such as SaaS applications. This turns the entire licensing environment into a nimble and lean partnership: As long as the users are signed on to their SSO server, CmCloudLite uses its interfaces, including OAuth2 or SAML, to check and see that the license in question indeed goes with the active user account on that server.

The end result: A slim and secure cloud licensing solution. Like every member of the CodeMeter family, licenses are created, managed, and distributed via the popular CodeMeter License Central or its custom web portal iterations, and the entire system is just as readily integrated with existing ERP and e-commerce setups for a cleaner business operating model and a neater user experience. CmCloudLite realizes all CodeMeter software licensing and monetization capabilities, while perfectly remodeled for the makers and providers of Software-as-a-Service.

Ruediger Kuegler, VP Sales and Security Expert at Wibu-Systems, sees the company’s spirit at work in CmCloudLite: “As an IT security vendor, we are all about compatibility, ease of use, and a sense for what really matters. CmCloudLite is tailored perfectly for the job it is meant for: Making the licensing life easier for cloud-based software that already has its security sorted out.”

news-4777 Thu, 18 Mar 2021 08:29:13 +0100 Smarter and safer: Licensing and protection for intelligent devices and machine learning https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/codemeter-adds-native-support-for-python-code.html CodeMeter adds native support for Python code CodeMeter adds native support for Python code

Wibu-Systems, a global leader in protection, licensing, and security technologies, has added support for protecting Python code in its native form with all the ease and versatility of its popular CodeMeter ecosystem. The Python programming language has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, particularly in the artificial intelligence and machine learning fields, due to its simplicity as well as the clarity and elegance of the code.

The renewed interest in Python, however, has made it an appealing prey for unscrupulous actors. Python code often made it too easy for hackers to access this invaluable IP, either wholly unprotected in plaintext form or simple to reverse-engineer, even if precompiled in native form by tools like Cython. Developers needed to have the means to encrypt and secure their code, but this long meant taking the additional step of pre-compilation to get native applications that could then be treated with their favorite protection system.

Until now, this was the only option for loyal users of Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter technology as well, but the company has responded to the new interest in Python with a revolutionary way to protect the code. With CodeMeter’s new Python protection capabilities, developers can encrypt their work in its original form, and keep it safe and encrypted right up until it is actively needed, closing one of the all too common loopholes for hackers: Extracting the code from the device’s working memory. With CodeMeter’s usual commitment to full compatibility, the new Python encryption technology includes the standard, robust CodeMeter capabilities, ranging from its versatile array of licensing models and comfortable automation features to the ability to add smart modular protections. Individual pieces of code can be separately encrypted and licensed, giving developers even more freedom in choosing their operating concepts and business models, including the increasingly popular feature-on-demand or subscription licenses.

Python had long been relegated to the sidelines by the usual languages of choice for the software developer community: C and Java. But it has recently enjoyed a return to form as a firm favorite for developers, not only beating the myriads of other, newer and supposedly smarter languages, but also overtaking its two old rivals in popularity surveys, like the TIOBE index of preferred programming languages. With Python named the most popular language for a record fourth time in 2021, this revival is due to two very obvious factors: The language’s long-held commitment to simplicity and the great availability of resources in one of the most dynamic fields of software development: artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Smart devices have become ubiquitous in the digital age, and AI has long moved from being a thing of wonder or worry in science fiction to an everyday, almost unnoticed companion for us all. It ranges from such deceptively simple tasks as the image and speech recognition capabilities now included with many standard smartphones or digital assistants in the home to more genuinely smart technologies underlying the statistical magic, pattern recognition and prediction capabilities, or associative learning involved in complex operations like weather forecasting, algorithmic trading, and medical diagnostics. What many of these applications have in common is that they are handled by Python libraries.

Ruediger Kuegler, VP Sales and Security Expert at Wibu-Systems, sees an important message in CodeMeter’s support for Python: “As we celebrate 32 years of the World Wide Web and make it the main underlying backbone of all today’s technologies, it is our duty to support lean and secure processes that facilitate the widespread adoption of protection methods across a highly diversified user base. Like there is no technology assisted life without security, there is no ubiquitous security implementation without simplicity."

news-4754 Tue, 23 Feb 2021 11:24:00 +0100 CmCloudContainer: Secure Customer Relationships Made Easy https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/cmcloudcontainer-secure-customer-relationships-made-easy.html New license container – The ultimate choice for software vendors New license container – The ultimate choice for software vendors

Wibu-Systems, a pioneer in licensing and protection technology for more than three decades, continues to innovate and add to its broad range of solutions for software developers and end users alike. CmCloud, the company’s newest approach to licensing introduced last year, takes the familiar and popular CodeMeter license and entitlement management technology into the cloud for added ease and flexibility. Wibu-Systems’ engineers have tailored this unique module in the CodeMeter technology family to fit the deployment processes of any software vendor, regardless of their size.

Implementing CmCloud and CmCloudContainers and giving their end users the full CodeMeter experience is easy for boutique software developers as well as for larger independent and corporate software vendors. To license the software they have protected with CodeMeter Protection Suite or CodeMeter Core API, vendors can choose between an automatic or a manual approach. In the manual approach, the developer creates one CmCloudContainer via the CodeMeter Cloud Dashboard for every user, activates the license into this CmCloudContainer, and delivers the access credentials to the user.

In the fully automatic approach, the vendor simply creates entitlements, which are connected to tickets. Typically, this is done automatically via an ERP system or an e-commerce solution. Once these tickets have been delivered, users manage their account and licenses in a self-service license portal. The CmCloudContainer and its access credentials are created in the background and the licenses are activated using the tickets. The whole process is highly automated – no interaction with the vendor is needed. Also, support processes, like forgotten or stolen access credentials, can be handled by the users themselves.

When choosing CmCloudContainer, software publishers big and small and their users also become part of the CodeMeter ecosystem. With Wibu-Systems’ commitment to 4D interoperability, this means access to a sophisticated lineup of hardware and software license containers, a proven protection concept that relies on award-winning encryption technology, and a versatile license management system that works in all mainstream environments. From the embedded systems that make up the backbone of the industrial IoT to every major consumer operating system and technology, CmCloudContainers will work reliably from Wibu-Systems’ dedicated CodeMeter Cloud servers.

Ruediger Kuegler, VP Sales and Security Expert at Wibu-Systems, believes that the CmCloudContainer is the perfect embodiment of the company’s mission: “With the licensing process made so simple and straightforward for actual users and still secure and reliable for vendors, our CmCloudContainer does exactly what we are here for: Taking away the hassle of licensing and protection to empower businesses to do what they do best – make great software. This is Wibu-Systems in a nutshell.”

news-4700 Tue, 12 Jan 2021 06:08:00 +0100 CodeMeter and Apple’s M1: Top performance and proven reliability https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/codemeter-and-apple-m1.html Latest CodeMeter version adds support for Apple’s new architectures Latest CodeMeter version adds support for Apple’s new architectures

Wibu-Systems, the pioneering maker of cyber-security solutions for software publishers and intelligent device manufacturers, is releasing version 7.20 of its popular CodeMeter licensing and protection technology to support Apple Inc.’s switch of its CPU platform to the proprietary M1 chip and the Cupertino vendor’s latest generation Big Sur operating system. The release takes place after a successful test of the compatibility and performance of the CodeMeter family on the next-generation Mac systems.

The strategic choice to move from the Intel x86 platform to the home-grown ARM-based M1 chip continues Apple’s transition towards system-on-chip (SoC) designs made by its own engineers, with the A4 chip of the original iPad leading the way. Mirroring the bold decision to migrate from PowerPC to Intel chips, the repercussions of this new shift will be felt by hardware makers and software developers alike.

Wibu-Systems expects the new chip design and its accompanying macOS Big Sur operating system to be a unique opportunity for its loyal CodeMeter customer base. To prepare for the new release of its flagship technology, Wibu-Systems’ engineers have put their solution to a rigorous compatibility test to be sure that CodeMeter users would indeed continue to enjoy the unrivalled ease of use of its licensing system and the unbeaten encryption capabilities in the new Mac environment.

Wibu-Systems’ commitment to keeping at the forefront of technological developments and staying true to its concept of 4D interoperability, aided by Apple’s careful preparation for the transition, has resulted into a smooth operation of the CodeMeter modular family on Apple M1 systems and the new macOs Big Sur.

CodeMeter users operating the new Mac systems are advised to update to CodeMeter Runtime 7.20 and CodeMeter Protection Suite 10.70, not only for their proven compatibility, but also to enjoy the latest features and capabilities. Users of Intel-powered Macs can continue to enjoy their CodeMeter software on Big Sur without any action on their part.

Wolfgang Voelker, Director Product Management & Support at Wibu-Systems, sees the potential of the occasion: “It is not the first time that Apple shakes up the industry with a bold strategy. We have supported our users with their Intel-based Macs for years; now, we have a chance to step up again in a timely manner and offer faster performance and a seamless experience to our current and future clients in line with Apple’s own evolution.”

news-4684 Thu, 10 Dec 2020 06:48:00 +0100 Wibu-Systems Supports the QNX Neutrino Real-time Operating System (RTOS) to Accelerate Development of Mission-Critical Devices https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/wibu-systems-supports-blackberry-qnx.html CodeMeter Embedded adds licensing and protection capabilities to software running on BlackBerry QNX RTOS CodeMeter Embedded adds licensing and protection capabilities to software running on BlackBerry QNX RTOS

Wibu-Systems, a leading developer of software licensing and protection solutions, today announced the company’s popular CodeMeter Embedded technology includes support for the QNX® Neutrino® RTOS, a microkernel, POSIX-compliant real-time operating system from BlackBerry QNX. The QNX RTOS is widely used in life and safety-critical systems for vehicles, medical devices, industrial controls, rail, robotics and aerospace & defense.

The collaboration aims to empower mission-critical device manufacturers with first-class safety, reduced research and development costs and faster time to production.

CodeMeter Embedded is a static library that provides the licensing and cryptographic capabilities of CodeMeter for embedded operating systems like Linux Embedded, VxWorks, Android and now the QNX Neutrino RTOS.

Designed for embedded systems that need to operate 24/7 without fail, CodeMeter Embedded offers extensive options for mission-critical device manufacturers: support for different license containers (hardware, software, and cloud), devices (industrial computers, embedded systems, PLCs, and microcontrollers), back office systems, and operating platforms – including the QNX Neutrino RTOS. CodeMeter Embedded has supported the operating system on both ARM and x86 architectures since the 6.5 version of the QNX Neutrino RTOS, with support for the 7.0 version added in 2019.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO and co-founder of Wibu-Systems noted, “BlackBerry QNX has long pushed the envelope for lean, secure and reliable embedded systems with its QNX operating systems, and we are thrilled with the opportunity to add support for it with CodeMeter Embedded, part of our very own heritage of innovation in security.”

“The QNX Neutrino RTOS provides the reliable foundation necessary for building competitive mission-critical systems in a safe and cost-effective manner,” said Dhiraj Handa, VP, Channel, Partners and APAC, BlackBerry Technology Solutions. “We’re pleased that Wibu-Systems has chosen to extend support for our OS, in recognition of the prominent position we hold in the embedded software industry. We look forward to working with them in the months and years ahead to ensure our shared global customers have a safe and secure solution that they can count on.”

news-4671 Thu, 03 Dec 2020 06:18:00 +0100 Bringing Wibu-Systems’ CodeMeter Capabilities to SAP Entitlement Management https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/codemeter-and-sap-entitlement-management.html Solution enables new digital business models with smart and secure entitlement management Solution enables new digital business models with smart and secure entitlement management

Wibu-Systems today announced that it is combining its entitlement and license management competences to empower novel business models in the digital economy. Wibu-Systems, an SAP® silver partner and a trailblazer for software protection, licensing, and security, brings decades of experience in cutting-edge IT solutions and is rooted in the German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg. With CodeMeter, Wibu-Systems delivers a secure and user-friendly solution to enhance SAP Entitlement Management for managing entitlements, reinforcing the company’s commitment to enabling software enterprises for a more successful data-driven economy.

Originally released in 2018, SAP Entitlement Management was envisioned as a software-as-a-service designed to enable avant-garde business models with a lean and streamlined entitlement management process. Whether referred to as access rights, permissions, or privileges, entitlements define who can use data, devices, services, or applications – the digital assets that make up the core of any software-driven enterprise.

With SAP Entitlement Management integrated with an ERP system like SAP S/4HANA, companies can field both traditional and innovative business models like subscription or pay-per-use products. Orders received through their ERP systems are translated by SAP Entitlement Management into entitlements with the comfort of an automated process and the transparency of a complete lifecycle management and centralized repository solution that comes with multiple service, analysis, and reporting tools on board. With multitenant cloud deployment and a streamlined technology capable of handling even massive amounts of orders and entitlements, the entire process works efficiently in the background for greater end user satisfaction.

For a fully rounded and robustly secured experience, the control over entitlements provided by SAP Entitlements Management is couched in the proven and popular CodeMeter technology. Wibu-Systems’ cloud-based license management solution is integrated with SAP processes to provide end-to-end support from sales over fulfillment to billing and revenue recognition.

When the company using the combined solution receives an order for one of its products, SAP Entitlement Management sends the order details to CodeMeter License Central, where a ticket is generated to activate the actual technical license on the customer’s device. The ticket is fed back through SAP Entitlement Management and the company’s ERP system and on to the user. All CodeMeter’s license container types, from physical dongles to software and cloud containers, are supported, giving the vendor and their end users full freedom of choice over the right level of flexibility and security for their needs. Once activated, the online and offline capabilities of CodeMeter License Central take care of the often burdensome administrative tasks like license checks and updates in the field for an even more user-friendly experience.

Stefan Bamberg, Wibu-Systems’ Senior Key Account and Partner Manager, sees a common mission with SAP: “25 miles lie between our headquarters, but I see our companies being much closer still with our commitment to enabling software and data-driven businesses. SAP Entitlement Management and CodeMeter work hand-in-glove to do just that, with secure and efficiently managed access to invaluable digital assets and resources.”


Any statements in this release that are not historical facts are forward-looking statements as defined in the U.S. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. All forward-looking statements are subject to various risks and uncertainties described in SAP’s filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC), including its most recent annual report on Form 20-F, that could cause actual results to differ materially from expectations. SAP cautions readers not to place undue reliance on these forward-looking statements which SAP has no obligation to update and which speak only as of their dates.

SAP and other SAP products and services mentioned herein as well as their respective logos are trademarks or registered trademarks of SAP SE in Germany and other countries. Please see www.sap.com/copyright for additional trademark information and notices. All other product and service names mentioned are the trademarks of their respective companies.

news-4493 Thu, 23 Jul 2020 07:49:00 +0200 Wibu-Systems and CodeLock Combine Technologies to Provide a Robust Digital Document Protection Solution https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/codelock-provides-robust-digital-document-protection-solution.html Encrypter – The Easy-to-Use Encryption Tool Secures Confidential Files for the Burgeoning Remote Workforce Encrypter – The Easy-to-Use Encryption Tool Secures Confidential Files for the Burgeoning Remote Workforce

Wibu-Systems, a security technology leader in the global software licensing market, and CodeLock and Licensing Systems (Pty) Ltd., an information security technology company, have joined forces for CodeLock to offer a novel encryption tool that provides a fast and easy way to secure valuable documents and sensitive digital information traveling across disparate mail servers. With the use of CodeLock’s Encrypter tool and Wibu-Systems’ encryption technology, documents are protected with drag-and-drop ease prior to transmission across the Internet.

Safeguarding sensitive digital information has become paramount in the age of an increasingly mobile workforce. Corporations need to know that their confidential documents are not falling into the wrong hands once outside their organization. With Encrypter, users simply drag and drop a file into the app, in any file format (e.g. ZIP, DOC, XLS, PDF, JPEG, etc.), provide a password, and the file is encrypted. The decryption process follows a similarly minimal workflow. Users can also encrypt plain text for the secure transmission of information such as passwords or financial data. The decryption key is highly secure and only users, or their authorized recipients, have access to it.

Encrypted files can be securely stored on the user’s local computer, on external drives such as USB memory sticks or removable media or can be archived into any cloud storage solution. Moreover, these encrypted files can be sent to clients and customers via any email client, providing maximum security and confidentiality for sensitive data. Upon receipt of an encrypted file, the receiver must then use Encrypter to decrypt the file, using dual authentication and randomly generated passwords.

The Encrypter software package itself is protected by Wibu-Systems CodeMeter technology and its licenses are associated to secure containers, either a device-bound file (CmActLicense) or a dongle-bound unit (CmDongle), which is not only the most secure option but also allows for encryption keys of the protected software to be stored independently of the user’s device. With both container variants, encryption keys can be stored offline, an additional bonus for the user. Alternatively, a cloud license (CmCloud) can be used with the encryption keys bound and stored in the cloud, requiring no physical licenses. All these licenses ensure that the Encrypter software is protected and can only be accessed by authorized users.

Ken Metcalf, Chief Technology Officer of CodeLock, said: “Safeguarding sensitive information becomes a logistical and administrative nightmare when dealing with clients remotely all over the world. There is always a concern that a client’s mail server could be compromised. With Encrypter, our team can share configuration files with clients safely and securely and set up the suite of products on a client’s server without having to be on site. Moreover, Encrypter extends our protection to software templates and client’s equipment configurations, including IP addresses, ports, and even passwords for data connection strings.”

Stefan Bamberg, Senior Key Account and Partner Manager of Wibu-Systems added: “Many individuals and organizations working remotely or with third party clients rightfully worry about securing files that end up on computers or mail servers outside of their control. Recent trends have exacerbated this issue, as more employees are working on home systems, generally without the protections afforded by their corporate IT infrastructure. With Encrypter and CodeMeter technology, corporations can enable their remote workers to conduct business as usual from anywhere with confidence that sensitive information will remain safe and secure.”

news-4471 Mon, 29 Jun 2020 08:56:13 +0200 Wibu-Systems’ vision for the future of industrial automation at SAVE https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/wibu-systems-vision-for-the-future-of-industrial-automation-at-save0.html The digital revolution between progress and principle The digital revolution between progress and principle

Wibu-Systems is joining the Italian industrial automation expo SAVE for the very first time in a year that sees the show take on a novel digital format. Between 30 June and 3 July, a special digital platform will be set up to host sessions on maintenance 4.0, diagnostics, predictive analytics, monitoring solutions, controlling and supervision systems, industrial automation and Industry 4.0, smart instruments, and cyber-security. Wibu-Systems will contribute its unique combination of innovative software, firmware, and information security technology with novel monetization solutions for digital assets.

The COVID19 pandemic has caught the world unawares, coming at a historical juncture, as artificial intelligence, 5G, and post-quantum-computing are finally becoming a reality. At the same time, the lockdown has given the world’s connected capabilities a first true practice run: a sudden mass migration to online services for work and leisure compared to the pre-pandemic situation. Serendipity has set a strong precedent that promises to give truly digital enterprises new momentum in all walks of life, not just the industrial world. Ditherers and doubters now have no real option but to adjust, to rethink their workplace realities and forms of cooperation, to guarantee the continued operation of their businesses and facilities even in global emergencies no one expected, and to put in place the means to manage people and goods to track their movements, monitor public health, and understand the behavior of entire populations.

Technologies like modern robotics, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, additive manufacturing, or software-as-a-service will be essential for the switch from a conventional economy to an increasingly connected, mobile, and virtualized way of doing business. However, the visions of smart cities and smart factories depend on sensors, tools for collecting and processing data that are always connected to the Internet, making them vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Security problems abound as a result of the proliferation of insecure edge computing devices or remote collaboration tools used in home offices during lockdown, often outside the reach of corporate IT security provisions.

In this massive shift to digital, cyber-security has become an indispensable cornerstone. The growing popularity of cloud applications and services calls for a new look at the means to protect the integrity of software downloads and installations, the security of firmware, the issuing of secure licenses, and the protection of all digital assets, wherever they may be used or stored at any given moment.

Wibu-Systems is celebrating 30 years in its business, during which it has stayed true to its mission and constantly expanded its competences for the industrial world, empowering the developers of software for industrial computers, embedded systems, PLCs, and microcontrollers with perfectly interoperable ways to secure their smart devices with innovative technologies, including secure booting, authentication protocols, or sophisticated cryptographic methods, to guarantee the integrity of their systems and the security of their data.

Wibu-Systems will take to the virtual stage at two events during SAVE:

  • At 10.40 am on July 2nd, the session on “Best Practices for Software Trustworthiness in IIoT Applications” will address how software trustworthiness defines how reliably software can operate in line with its requirements, safe from outside interference and protected from the risk of service disruptions, productivity losses, and material damage or even physical harm.
  • This is followed at 3.10 pm on July 2nd with a special webinar on “Reimagining the Value Chain for a New Industrial Renaissance”, which will cast a light on ways to efficiently capture the potential of the digital transformation by switching the mental paradigm from hardware to software, recognizing the immense new business opportunities, and proactively combatting the novel challenges to IT security it brings.

Daniela Previtali, Global Marketing Director for Wibu-Systems, believes: “We have come to a real crossroads: One choice takes us to a future where technological innovation is left to run rampant and damage the fabric of our society. The other choice channels our innovative capacities into a human-centric and ethically informed direction. They both promise freedom for software developers, the makers of smart devices, their users, and society as a whole to create new value with novel servitization models, to be more aware of our resources and our environmental footprint, and to guarantee a better life for people around the globe.”

news-4442 Wed, 10 Jun 2020 15:20:00 +0200 Wibu-Systems CodeMeter Licensing Platform Scales-up to Deliver New Monetization Options for Civilserve’ Specialized Geotechnical Information and Engineering Solutions https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/codemeter-delivers-new-monetization-options-for-civilserve.html Flexible Software Licensing Options Keeps Pace with Customer Demands Flexible Software Licensing Options Keeps Pace with Customer Demands

Wibu-Systems, a security technology leader in the global software licensing market, has enabled new software monetization options for its long-standing customer, Civilserve, the exclusive sales partner for GGU Software, with the addition of its CodeMeter Cloud licensing solution. The modular scalability of CodeMeter allows Civilserve to now offer the complete GGU-Software geotechnical package with dongle, software, or cloud-based licenses and a wide range of license options to open up new business development opportunities.

The GGU-Software comprises 50 individual applications and modules, providing civil engineers with everything they need for complex geotechnical and geohydraulic analyses in building projects. Architectural and engineering plans and measurements and test data from the field can be fed into the system for immediate processing and visualization. The software technology and equations making this possible constitute a digital asset of enormous value, not just monetarily for their makers and distributors, but also practically for the users in the field.

Shortly after Civilserve was founded in 2001, they selected Wibu-Systems WibuKey dongle technology to protect and monetize their valuable software asset. As the licensing ecosystem evolved, in 2006, Civilserve worked with Wibu-Systems to create an integrated online shop to sell its product with licenses on the newer CodeMeter dongles (CmDongles). The online shop is based on the Cleverbridge platform an all-in-one e-commerce and subscription billing solution for software, SaaS, and digital goods. The shop allows Civilserve to support their international customers while relying on Wibu-Systems to fulfill their orders via the consolidated worldwide network.

In 2012, the introduction of software-based licenses (CmActLicenses) by Wibu-Systems enabled Civilserve to benefit from new licensing models and branch out into new areas. The added flexibility allowed by these new license models, like rental licenses, was well accepted by Civilserve’s users who operated in a heavily project-driven industry. New subscription and time-bound licenses followed soon after, including a unique 10-hour license for ad-hoc use when and where customers needed time-limited access to specific GGU-Software modules for their projects.

In 2019, Wibu-Systems added Cloud licenses (CmCloud) to the mix, including a plethora of choices: permanent, time-bound, and ad-hoc single-user or network licenses, on dongles for top protection, software license files for maximum flexibility, or cloud licenses for the best of both worlds – all made possible with the ease and security of a fully integrated online shop and the cloud-based license management system,CodeMeter License Central.

Said Thomas Walkemeyer, Managing Director Sales, Civilserve: “In autumn 2001, we were looking for a new method of licensing and protection against pirate copies of our GGU-Software solutions. We wanted a simple license management system for ourselves and our customers, which would protect their investment. In our search for an innovative and future-proof solution, we ultimately decided in favor of Wibu-Systems. I would like to emphasize two things, also on behalf of my partner Joerg Otto, about the Wibu-Systems team: Trust and appreciation. These are the cornerstones of a successful working relationship and have always been there to form stable foundations for our partnership.”

Ruediger Kuegler, Wibu-Systems’ VP Sales added: “We are glad that we were able to up the level of protection and monetization capabilities and match Civilserve’s customers’ demand for more versatility, paving the way for their company growth. Freedom of choice is very important to us and we pride ourselves in delivering an unparalleled degree of flexibility in secure software license management so our customers, like Civilserve, can leverage the many advantages afforded by these freedoms as well.”

news-4440 Thu, 04 Jun 2020 14:40:00 +0200 IUNO2PAKT: Real-world solutions for safer industrial communication https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/iuno2pakt-real-world-solutions-for-safer-industrial-communication.html Seizing the potential of certificates for securing the industry of tomorrow Seizing the potential of certificates for securing the industry of tomorrow

Karlsruhe, Germany – IUNO, the German national reference project for IT security in Industry 4.0, returns with a second iteration under the name of IUNO2PAKT, new goals, and partners to offer a vast range of solutions meant to counter the cyber challenges Germany and the global community are facing on the cusp of the digital industrial revolution. Fraunhofer IOSB, the largest European research institution in the field of image acquisition, processing, and analysis, Hilscher, a prominent manufacturer and service provider for communication solutions and automation, Weidmueller, a world leader in the industrial environment of power, signal, and data, and Wibu-Systems, a pioneer in secure license management servicing any software powered business, have joined forces to empower enterprises in their digital transformation journey.

Recent developments have shown the elasticity, but also the fragility of global supply chains faced with a sudden and unexpected crisis: With smart factories and modern technologies like 3D printing adding much needed responsiveness, the breakdown of physical connections and human communication puts the reliability and security of digital communication in the spotlight. IUNO had already produced important advances in this area upon its conclusion in late 2018. Now IUNO2PAKT, the second incarnation of the initiative, sees its members pooling their expertise for a period of three years and publicizing the concepts, methods, and tools needed to install the backbone of a more resilient industrial landscape with an emphasis on usability in the real world.

Wibu-Systems has adhered to the IUNO2PAKT consortium with a commitment to harnessing the power of certificates for safer industrial communication. Digital certificates provide the most desperately needed currency in these transactions: trust. Assigned by a trustworthy Certification Authority, certificates can act as proof of identity in machine-to-machine communication and smart factories, where applications, machines, and business systems need to be able to identify and communicate with each other, often in heterogeneous environments or across legacy networks. Their widespread use, however, has been held back by the sheer complexity of certificate management. Even if a solid certification process is in place, the risk lies in the passage of the certificate to the target machine or device. Modern Global Discovery Servers (GDS) step into the breach to ensure that certificates are trusted by their recipient. For IUNO2PAKT, Wibu-Systems is enveloping this entire process with a novel addition to its CodeMeter security and protection universe: CodeMeter Certificate Vault.

The new approach sees certificates placed in the safe space of a CodeMeter license container, either a CmDongle as the physically safest container or its more intangible counterparts, a CmActLicense or a CmCloudContainer, respectively, the file and cloud-based counterparts. CodeMeter Certificate Vault is designed to work with Microsoft’s open-source GDS and OPC UA stacks like Unified Automation’s or the open62541 ANSI C stack, specifically to operate seamlessly within ecosystems that are already popular in the industrial automation world. Certificate Vault integrates with the SSL part of the stacks to create a multi-vendor platform for certificate storage and handling, thus lowering one of the hurdles for the use of optimal security technology in the context of OPC UA.

CodeMeter Certificate Vault is also integrated with CodeMeter License Central, the cloud-based license management system favored by clients for its ease of use, to guarantee a new level of convenience in the roll out process of digital certificates. Ultimately, Wibu-Systems’ contribution to IUNO2PAKT raises the bar for trust and comfort in the world of digital certificates, making for an easier transition to a truly connected industrial world.

Marco Blume, Product Manager Embedded at Wibu-Systems, believes in the game-changing potential of certificates: “What stops many OPC UA users from utilizing their full security functions is the complexity in handling certificates. Wibu-Systems’ primary focus for this project is to automate that process by integrating CodeMeter Certificate Vault in mixed-vendor, heterogeneous OPC UA infrastructures.”

news-4434 Wed, 27 May 2020 14:54:00 +0200 Takebishi Taps Wibu-Systems CodeMeter to Protect its Flagship Communication Middleware and Provide Versatile License Management for the Smart Factories of the Future https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/takebishi-taps-wibu-systems-codemeter.html Flexible Licensing Platform Addresses Varying Usage Scenarios Around the Globe Flexible Licensing Platform Addresses Varying Usage Scenarios Around the Globe

Wibu-Systems, a security technology leader in the global software licensing market, was chosen to integrate its award-winning CodeMeter protection and licensing platform into the flagship industrial communication middleware of Takebishi, the Kyoto-based total solutions provider, distributor, and evangelist for Mitsubishi Electric Corporation’s factory automation technology. Takebishi replaced a mix of proprietary and third-party licensing systems with CodeMeter, implementing both hardware and software licensing under the same technological umbrella for DeviceXPlorer® OPC Server Ver. 6, an OPC server software that provides connectivity with control devices on the shop floor.

Takebishi’s DeviceXPlorer OPC Server plays a critical role in the development of smart industry, ensuring connectivity with industrial controllers, such as PLCs, machine tools, and robots. The middleware supports more than 200 PLC brands and is highly compatible with SCADA and ERP/MES systems. While the rise of the IIoT and smart factories provides the agility required to enable manufacturing-as-a-service business models, it also raises its vulnerability for unauthorized use of their IP by criminal actors outside of their control.

For previous iterations of their system, Takebishi had initially relied on simple licensing by serial number, later followed by a proprietary licensing algorithm and external, hardware-based protection technology. As its license management became increasingly complex, Takebishi encountered more and more difficulties with accommodating important new emerging technologies, especially virtual environments and support for Docker, the novel and popular container virtualization solution.

With CodeMeter fully embedded in the newest version of DeviceXPlorer OPC Server, Takebishi protects its communication middleware against unauthorized use and piracy, and achieves the licensing flexibility needed to cover every scenario among its diverse industrial user base – online or offline, virtual or cloud environments, hardware containers for top security or software containers for the added comfort of online license transfer and activation. And with full support for Docker environments, CodeMeter can easily support Takebishi’s launch of its new Device Gateway, its manufacturing information and OPC UA communications handler on Docker.

Said Takumi Ishida, Manager System Solution Development, Takebishi ”It makes me very proud to introduce CodeMeter to the 6th version of DeviceXPlorer OPC Server, our main product that is used widely in Japan and overseas. A strict management of licenses, combined with flexibility in how licenses are used, was indispensable as we continue to grow our sales. CodeMeter offers both and made the switch from the licensing algorithm we had developed easy. I would love to expand our product features with CodeMeter’s capabilities.”

Tomoki Maruyama, Wibu-Systems K.K. Representatitve Director, added: “We are a firm believer in freedom. In our case, that means we strive to deliver technologies that provide our customers with the highest level of flexibility so they can achieve their business objectives in a world full of uncertainty and ever-changing trends to which they need to readily adapt. With the integration of CodeMeter into DeviceXPlorer OPC CServer Version 6 and their Device Gateway for Docker, Takebishi is well prepared for the opportunities and challenges ahead in the IIoT age.”

news-4376 Fri, 17 Apr 2020 09:29:45 +0200 The role of trustworthy and secure software in times of COVID-19 https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/the-role-of-trustworthy-and-secure-software-in-times-of-covid-19.html How the Coronavirus has changed the pace of digital transformation How the Coronavirus has changed the pace of digital transformation

At a time when the pandemic is disrupting businesses, causing massive unemployment, and changing everyone’s lives, Wibu-Systems, the cybersecurity vendor on a mission to protect the digital assets of enterprises around the globe, is offering a positive outlook, restoring hope, and recommending a laser-focused approach as we are entering into the second quarter of 2020.

The Coronavirus effect has raised new questions about the time horizon, modalities, and investments needed to achieve a global economic recovery once the health emergency is over. The magnitude of the current crisis is also calling into question the very priorities and objectives that governments and businesses had set before the world’s lockdown started and is challenging the feasibility of ongoing projects.

Nevertheless, the central role of software in these months of businesses scrambling to reorganize and reinvent themselves is undeniable, as is the need to secure digital assets outside of their companies’ borders, now that smart working has become an essential reality for everyone. From a broader perspective, it is technology as a whole that is called to the forefront to assist the medical-scientific advances needed to solve the current pandemic and safeguard us from its potential resurgence. Whether it is Big Data analysis to study the spread of the disease, software to operate the ICU machines that keep the worst affected patients alive, or genetic engineering applications to build humanity’s answer to the virus, the health and the life sciences sectors are undeniably pervaded by "code".

The security of the firmware that operates medical devices, of patients’ and citizens’ data, and of the software that allows biologists, virologists, and healthcare professionals to carry out their essential work, is under a spotlight. Over the years, Wibu-Systems has collaborated with many companies operating in the medical field, preserving the integrity of the data and code generated and managed by them from piracy, reverse engineering, and tampering. Companies such as Fritz Stephan, committed to producing much-needed emergency ventilators, Agfa HealthCare and United Imaging, active in the field of computerized image management, B.Braun, dedicated amongst others to the production of disinfectants and protective equipment, custo med, focused on connected and customized cardiology solutions, Agilent, with its wide array of clinical diagnostics solutions, or Metrohm, with its peerless high-precision instruments for chemical analysis, have already chosen to use protection technologies such as CodeMeter to defend both their know-how and the confidential information they manage.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems, remains optimistic about what the future holds. "The scale of this global crisis has taken the world by surprise, but it is also helping us stay united and focused on the priorities that really matter the most and that may inspire us to create a better future for all. In spite of social distancing, people are staying connected with the aid of telecommunications, and everybody is showing a genuine sense of responsibility. Many companies are also reviewing their production lines and contributing generously in an act of solidarity. I remain convinced that the economic recovery will be epoch-making, its repercussions will be felt in every corner of the planet, and the digital transformation will prove essential to keep us healthy and fulfilled."

news-4357 Fri, 03 Apr 2020 14:53:00 +0200 Wibu-Systems supports smart working with free cloud-based license containers https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/wibu-systems-supports-smart-working.html How the digital world is impacting the way we work during the COVID-19 crisis How the digital world is impacting the way we work during the COVID-19 crisis

During this crucial time when digital solutions are supporting business continuity in several sectors around the world, all IT vendors are called upon to provide their support to the global community. Wibu-Systems, dedicated to protecting the business of software publishers with its robust and dynamic license management technology for the last thirty years, is stepping up and offering cloud-based license containers for home office workers worldwide free of charge during the second quarter 2020.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced companies to initiate home office work for most of their employees. In the context of software development, this means that many software vendors and intelligent device manufacturers are considering actions aimed at facilitating such efforts for their customers. Wibu-Systems is committed to delivering a key element in the process, a free license container that lives in the cloud and can hold multiple licenses for all home office workers. This so-called CmCloudContainer is part of the latest evolution of CodeMeter, the technology that safeguards the intellectual property inherent in digital assets and monetizes the technical know-how via an abundance of license models.

As cloud computing is the fundamental resource for lean and collaborative work, Wibu-Systems invested in an epic transformation of the traditional license and entitlement management systems as we’ve come to know them and launched CodeMeter Cloud in 2019. This new solution comprises a few intertwined elements, including CodeMeter License Central, the cloud-based system for creating, delivering, and managing licenses, CmCloudContainers, the secure license containers holding the license, and the CodeMeter Cloud Server itself, the cloud-based architecture for high availability of the licenses.

A crucial aspect of any cloud-based system is security and CmCloud uses certificate chains to establish trust in the cloud licensing process and the cloud storage environment, while protecting the integrity of the service. CmCloud holds the licenses in a secure web environment, accessible only to those who specifically need it, and manageable only by those authorized to do so.

Oliver Winzenried, CEO and co-founder of Wibu-Systems, was eager to make his personal contribution during the Coronavirus global emergency: “Our business greatly depends on our ability to innovate, and there is no better time than this to spark new ideas and test them immediately. We were already foreseeing a future based on freedom of mobility and online collaboration fully dependent on advanced software and constant connectivity. In the face of the current challenges, we want to help ISVs all over the globe to provide licenses of their software in the cloud that their customers can use from their home office without any special VPN setup.”

Wibu-Systems is thus ready to deliver worldwide one free CmCloudContainer to every existing customer and new prospect alike for the entire second quarter of this year. This CmCloudContainer can be used for multiple licenses by home office workers. All those who intend to take advantage of this offer just need to have a copy of CodeMeter Runtime 7.0 or newer and a Firm Security Box for Universal Firm Codes, which is essentially the master dongle software publishers use to create their software licenses. On the home office worker’s side, Internet connectivity is a must. The entire setup will be taken care of by Wibu-Systems’ team. Interested parties can enroll online at www.wibu.com/coronavirus.

news-4332 Thu, 05 Mar 2020 09:02:30 +0100 DigiFab4KMU – Paving the way for smart factories in practice https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/digifab4kmu-paving-the-way-for-smart-factories-in-practice.html Manufacturing, academic, and security stakeholders aligned to transform the construction industry Manufacturing, academic, and security stakeholders aligned to transform the construction industry

archis Architekten + Ingenieure, an architecture firm successful in the development, planning, and realization of construction projects throughout Germany, ARNOLD IT Systems, a system house for CAD, CAM, PDM, Industry 4.0 & software development, manufacturing and BIM, the Institute for Information Management in Engineering (IMI) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, a pioneer in virtual factory planning research, and Wibu-Systems, the cybersecurity vendor that is leveraging the protection of digital assets to monetize Industry 4.0 driven economies, have joined forces to launch the construction industry into the digital age.

Building construction has been at the forefront of technological progress throughout the millennia and stands again on the cusp of momentous changes: the digital revolution, bringing not only substantial opportunities, but also considerable challenges. Construction projects large and small are becoming ever more complex, with a constant stream of new guidelines and building codes to consider, the risks of climate change to address, and the expectations of an increasingly urban and tech-savvy clientele to meet.

Building information modeling (BIM) is an innovative process of generating, analyzing, and managing building data throughout its life cycle. Used in planning, construction and management of buildings or other structures, BIM relies on non-proprietary, end-to-end business processes that work across companies and free from media disruption. However, 3D-model design theory, like BIM, has yet to make its contributions more universally applicable in the field, as legacy systems will continue to be used in conjunction with pioneering innovations.

DigiFab4KMU intends to leverage the potential of the digital revolution in the building industry by integrating all phases and agents involved in the construction process and their unique data and software assets in one integrated virtualization system (IVS). This IVS covers the entire process from planning to execution and operation for all trades and disciplines involved in the process, ranging from the architectural to the building technology, logistics, and IT functions. The end result is a comprehensive and fully digital value chain that brings all of the innovations already realized by other digitally transformed industries to the construction sector: business intelligence, smart and connected production processes, optimized material flows, and mass data driven process optimization. The IVS constitutes a virtual twin of the physical project in much the same way and with many of the same benefits already achieved in similar systems in the mechanical engineering and other sectors of industry.

Bastian Wieland, CEO of archis Architekten + Ingenieure states, “The introduction of IVS will allow us to configure datasets in a totally new way that will give us a high level of flexibility and expandability in planning.”

Marco Arnold, CEO of ARNOLD IT Systems, adds “Our company is tasked to deal with modelling and developing connected technical systems that will form part of the foundation of DigiFab4KMU. There are many hurdles to overcome for us to offer and operate innovative digital building and factory planning in the future, but we are certain that the boundaries that still separate different departments and IT systems and different ecosystems can be bridged with our joint efforts.”

KIT, the Institute for Information Management in Engineering (IMI), headed by Prof. Jivka Ovtcharova, is researching, among other topics, virtualization from CAD planning data. In the BIM domain in particular, the goal is to combine all planning data for a new building into a virtual model. For example, 3D scans of the construction progress are combined with CAD plans. In addition, the production planning in the new building is supported by the virtual model and the virtualization of the previous production as well as a value stream analysis. The virtual reality system used in this project is PolyVR.

Michael Grethler, Head of the Digital Twin Unit (IMI) of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, comments: "Our task is to use holistic modeling to optimally design production facilities by implementing them across departments, making economic efficiency feasible, while simulating employee paths and logistics processes. This is where so-called lean production comes into play, which is primarily intended to contribute to the success of the company by eliminating waste and accelerating business processes. The balance between academic and technical expertise will be crucial for the success of DigiFab4KMU".

Wibu-Systems is adding its expertise and capabilities to the DigiFab4KMU initiative with an innovative approach for its sub-project, Industry 4.0 concepts in hardware production. The vision of Oliver Winzenried, CEO and founder of Wibu-Systems, is clear: “We plan to create a comprehensive ecosystem where the physical premises represent one link in an integral and totally coordinated chain of data and information. This includes the design of novel processes for the IVS-driven planning and construction of our new headquarters, using the integrated system to create a fully Industry-4.0-ready infrastructure and digitally optimized process flows for the manufacturing of our company’s hardware products.”

Wibu-Systems will also contribute to the development of a new service model that brings the capabilities of the IVS to other SMEs who are in the process of taking their production infrastructure into the digital age, with the added power of Wibu-Systems’ unique protection and security solutions.


About archis Architekten + Ingenieure

archis Architekten + Ingenieure GmbH is one of the largest architectural firms in the German region of Baden-Wuerttemberg. With approx. 100 employees, the office serves institutions, investors, and private clients nationwide. In order to offer a professional service in all areas of a project, archis Architekten + Ingenieure covers all service phases from project development, design and implementation planning to construction and quality monitoring, cost and schedule planning.

About ARNOLD IT Systems

ARNOLD IT Systems, founded in 1997 in Freiburg, Germany, is an important and experienced solution partner for manufacturing and architecture. The system house for CAD/CAM, PDM/PLM, Industrie 4.0, and cloud solutions works with both large corporations and SMEs in 20 countries. ARNOLD IT Systems covers the entire range of services such as integration, professional training, individual coaching, and system support.


The Institute for Information Management in Engineering (IMI) is embedded in the research environment of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), Germany. The guiding principle of our research and development work is the integration of product lifecycle management (PLM) and CAx in process and system view, supplemented by virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) for high-end visualization as a modern working environment. This enables an interactive, immersive work with virtual prototypes during generation, validation and optimization of development results and thus contributes significantly to the effective and efficient cooperation of interdisciplinary teams. This is especially true for distributed product development in cross-company and intercultural corporate partnerships.

news-4304 Mon, 24 Feb 2020 15:40:00 +0100 Embedded World 2020 – Exploring the brand new CodeMeter Embedded from Wibu-Systems https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/embedded-world-2020-new-codemeter-embedded.html Enhanced flexibility for monetizing embedded software assets Enhanced flexibility for monetizing embedded software assets

Wibu-Systems, the German trailblazer enabling the business of software-powered enterprises across the world, is launching the latest release of CodeMeter, its flagship technology, for embedded systems at Embedded World. Visitors to its exhibit in hall 4, booth 320, will have the opportunity to learn about the latest features and see the newest hardware secure elements that the company is introducing to support a wide variety of operating environments and requirements.

CodeMeter Embedded is a static library that provides the licensing and cryptographic capabilities of CodeMeter via a dedicated API for embedded operating systems like Android, Linux Embedded, QNX, VxWorks, and Windows. Depending on the architecture of the target system, be it x86, ARM, MIPS or PowerPC, users will receive a dedicated library with an extremely compact footprint ranging from 400 to 600 KB, which will allow them to protect their embedded software with the sturdiest encryption mechanisms and monetize their know-how with license-based business models.

Even though the Internet of Things is all about connectivity, the number of offline devices is still considerable. Beginning with release 2.40, which just saw the light, CodeMeter Embedded offers two alternative options for transferring licenses offline. In addition to the established use of Update Files, CodeMeter Embedded now comes with License Transfer, a feature that makes it possible to move licenses offline from a CmDongle (a hardware secure element in the form of a USB dongle, a secure memory card, or an ASIC) to an embedded device. The distinction between both options lies in the exact timing of the license’s binding to the embedded device.

When using the Update File mode, the embedded device is selected as soon as the license is placed into the update file in CodeMeter License Central, the database-driven license and entitlement management solution that automates the process of creating, delivering, and managing software licenses. Embedded devices already recorded during production can be selected directly by their serial numbers. The update file is then transferred to a memory stick, which is connected to the embedded device for its software to import the license.

When using License Transfer, a freely selectable number of licenses can be placed on a CmDongle. No embedded device is pre-selected for these licenses. Service technicians can then connect their laptops (with CmDongles and CodeMeter Runtime installed) to embedded devices in the field, where the embedded software can import the license from the dongle. The licenses are only bound to the embedded device at this point, and the embedded device will not be known to CodeMeter License Central.

The use of an update file supports the full flexibility of CodeMeter: Licenses can be assigned, changed, and returned. CodeMeter License Central keeps a detailed log of the licenses and includes automated actions like recovering all licenses on an embedded device. The new License Transfer feature facilitates the delivery of new licenses, making it an ideal choice for any instances when the target device has not yet been chosen and CodeMeter License Central is originally used.

On top of extending the capabilities of CodeMeter Embedded, Wibu-Systems has also expanded its range of CmDongles. Currently, users can choose from 18 different form factors that are sure to meet all possible demands in the market. Selection criteria include not just different sizes of devices (compact or standard) and casing materials (plastic or metal) with all of the different customization alternatives that they entail, but also a collection of connecting interface types (USB, SD, microSD, CFast, SPI), USB connector mounting types (SiP or standard), USB protocols implemented (2.0 or 3.1), nand flash memory classes (MLC or pSLC), different temperature ranges in the operating environment, as well as the choice to make the units removable or permanently fixed.

news-4293 Wed, 19 Feb 2020 09:10:46 +0100 Embedded World 2020 – Wibu-Systems at the crossroads of the industrial transformation https://www.wibu.com/ru/press-relizy/detalnaja-informacija-o-press-relizakh/detail/embedded-world-wibu-systems-promotes-industrial-transformation.html The Coronavirus outbreak does not affect Wibu-Systems’ plans and activities The Coronavirus outbreak does not affect Wibu-Systems’ plans and activities

Wibu-Systems, the German pioneer reshaping business models in the industrial realm with its CodeMeter technology, is back at Embedded World, the most iconic European event for the embedded community. While the company’s main exhibit can be found in hall 4, booth 320, its solutions are featured across the fairgrounds at a large number of solution partners, industry associations, and developer conclaves as live proof of the unparalleled adaptability and wide array of use cases of the technology.

Even though the Coronavirus (COVID-19) made it impossible for some exhibitors to participate in the event, Wibu-Systems won’t miss the opportunity to galvanize the live audience. The disease outbreak did not disrupt the vendor’s supply chain either: with electronics manufacturers based in Taiwan, China (outside of the Hubei region), and Germany, and with large inhouse stocks of its hardware secure elements always available, the company is able to meet incoming demands for CodeMeter and its legacy WibuKey products.

At the show with a large team of product specialists on hand to accompany the customers throughout their complete lifecycle journey, Wibu-Systems will present the many interoperable modules of its flagship technology and the countless integrations in the field that are infusing greenfield and brownfield applications with digital asset protection, versatile license management, and cutting-edge endpoint security.

Attendees at Embedded World can start their discovery journey at Wibu-Systems’ exhibit (4-320), where the entire gamut of hardware, software, and cloud solutions for propelling software-based businesses after safeguarding the associated digital know-how is on display. Visitors to the booth can thus understand how they can transform their own go-to-market strategies by leveraging their software resources, cut their investment in hardware and its logistics, and ultimately reduce their climate footprint.

The next stop is Infineon Technologies (3A-225), where visitors can then assess the robustness of the smart card chip that forms the beating heart of every Wibu-Systems’ dongle, whether it comes in a USB dongle, secure memory card, or ASIC form factor. It is in this chip itself that the encrypted secrets (digital keys and licenses) are safely stored.

The collaboration with Infineon continues at the Trusted Computing Group’s exhibit (1-500), where Wibu-Systems will hold daily demonstrations of its CodeMeter integration with Infineon’s Trusted Platform Module (TPM) technology. Here is also where, on 25 February at 1 pm, the two companies will be joined by the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology (SIT) for an interactive panel discussion on the potential security vulnerabilities brought about the Industrial Internet of Things. Right after, the group that will also include Cyber Pack Ventures and Cypress, will move to the Weka conference room, NCC East, ground floor from 2.30 pm to 5.00 pm to host a number of sessions on the security repercussions of Industrie 4.0. In particular, Guenther Fischer, Wibu-Systems’ Senior Consultant, Licensing and Protection, will delve into the protection technologies aimed at defending embedded software from piracy, reverse engineering, and tampering.

At the SD Association’s exhibit (3A-634), Wibu-Systems will present its hardware secure elements based on the SDA specifications, namely CmCard/SD and CmCard/microSD, in in-booth seminars taking place every day from 2.00 pm to 2.30 pm. Our speaker will elaborate on the benefits of combining CodeMeter hardware units with nand flash memory and the proficient use that OEMs can make of the read-only, password protected, and hidden partitions to save configuration and production data securely.

Also, extremely relevant for the embedded community are the joint initiatives with OSADL and Wind River. At the Open Source Automation Development Lab’s exhibit (4-168), Wibu-Systems will focus the attendees’ attention on software monetization and superior code quality. Back at Wibu-Systems’ exhibit on 26 February at 3.00 pm, Wibu-Systems will demonstrate the turnkey integration between CodeMeter and VxWorks, which provides integrity protection, authenticity, IP and copy protection, certificate management, license and entitlement management as well as hardware, software, and cloud-based key storage.