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B&R – Austria – Automation

A dedicated license management entitles each client to a specific machine’s configuration and offers scalable business models. A compact size dongle protects this essential know-how against manipulation by competitors, organized crime or incorrect use.

The Challenge

More and more functionality of machines and manufacturing facilities is determined by the controller software, production settings, and machine data. This essential know-how of the machine producer must be protected and shielded from manipulation by competitors, organized crime, or simple incorrect use. New business models need to be supported. And any solution has to be highly reliable and work even in harsh environments.

The Solution

B&R clients can use their Technology Guarding system to manage the functionality and settings of their machines. The machine operators do not want to pay for functions that they do not need. At the same time, engineers cannot simply provide additional functions free of charge. They need the ability to manage the machine’s configuration for each client. B&R enables them to do so with dedicated license management using CodeMeter. The licenses required by each client are managed on a license server and used on the machine itself. 

Technology Guarding is produced with Automation Studio software and implemented on a custom B&R version of the CmStick/C Basic.

The Results

The USB dongle is included in B&R’s package when the hardware is installed for the first time. Replacing hardware in the field is not an issue, as the CmStick can simply be connected into the new component and will automatically resume its safeguarding function. 

The Client

The pioneering spirit of the company’s founders Erwin Bernecker and Josef Rainer and their determination to achieve a great leap for the automation industry, are still felt in the company today. Enterprising courage,
combined with real vision, have made B&R into a globally successful corporation over a quarter century span. With its excellent sense for developments and trends in the market and its dedication to developing high-tech solutions for the good of its clients, B&R has become an innovation and technology leader in the industry.

Manfred Mitterbuchner,
Technical Manager Automation Software

“With Technology Guarding, B&R clients can rest assured that their products and knowhow are protected. B&R integrates the USB dongle CmStick/C from the moment the hardware is installed.”