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Certified Time in CmContainer


    CodeMeter can automatically create backups of the configuration of CmDongles. In addition, there is the option to automatically retrieve the Certified Time.

    This allows the update of the Certified Time to be automated.

    To configure this, please proceed as follows:


    1. Open CodeMeter WebAdmin (either via button in CodeMeter Control Center or directly in the browser via localhost)

    2. Navigate to "Settings | Basic | Backup".

    3. Activate the data backup.

    4. Configure a time interval and backup folder.

    5. Set the option "Update certified time before each backup".

    6. Confirm with "Apply".


    The only way to adjust the system time is to get a Certified Time Update from one of the CodeMeter time servers. For updating the Certified Time, please proceed as follows:


    - Open CodeMeter Control Center.

    - Select the desired CmContainer.

    - Select the "Process | Update Time Certificates" menu item.


    Alternatively, use CodeMeter WebAdmin and proceed as follows:


    - Open CodeMeter WebAdmin.

    - Click the "Update" button in lower area of the page "Content | CmContainer".


    Please note that an Internet connection is required in both cases. This is necessary for the update from our time servers.


    A failure to update the Certified Time or the CmDongle firmware is, in most cases, due to the inability to establish the connection to the server. Please note that your own time servers cannot be used.


    Many company networks use proxy servers, which have to be configured for CodeMeter. Since CodeMeter Version 4.10a, the proxy is read and eventually transferred during installing. The setting can be read and manually changed for older versions or other individual cases. If you want to know whether a proxy is used on your network and which settings are required, please ask your administrator.


    Alternatively, you may also try and read the settings of your internet browser and enter the data in CodeMeter WebAdmin. For Internet Explorer, please proceed as follows:


    - Open the menu "Tools | Internet Options | Connections | LAN Settings | Proxy server | Advanced.

    - Note down the specified proxy including port, e.g. "" and "3128" or "" and "8080".

    - Open CodeMeter WebAdmin.

    - Navigate to "Configuration | Basic | Proxy".

    - Check the option "activate".

    - Complete the fields with the values you recorded before.

    - Click the "Apply" button to execute the changes.


    Now the time and firmware update should work.


    After selecting the CmContainer in CodeMeter Control Center, you can transfer a current Certified Time to the CmContainer via the menu entry "Action | Update time certificates".

    Please note that an Internet connection is required for this. If you are using a proxy server, you must first enter it in CodeMeter WebAdmin (http://localhost:22352/configuration/proxy.html).


    Further, alternative possibilities to update the Certified Time in a CmContainer have to be executed via:


    CodeMeter WebAdmin

    Navigate to menu entry "CmContainer | CmContainer Info" and click the refresh button next to entry "Certified time (CmContainer)".


    Command line program cmu

    Enter the command line cmu32.exe -time-update --serial <serial number>.

    Without specifying a <serial number> the Certified Time will be updated on all existing CmContainers.


    Core API

    Executing the function CmSetCertifiedTimeUpdate() and a BoxHandle updates the Certified Time on a specified CmContainer.