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On november 9th and 10th, Wibu-Systems will organize a 2-day Open Training event at our offices in Antwerp.You already have some experience with our technology, but this is your chance to dig deeper into the possibilities with our security experts Marcel Hartgerink and Stefan Bamberg.

Maybe you want to learn more about CodeMeter, our API or the integration of CodeMeter with your back-office processes. Maybe you have a new colleague that needs to get up to speed about working with CodeMeter. Maybe you have a new project for which you require our help.

Day 1: CodeMeter Basics
We will explain the core features of CodeMeter, the basics of license creation, license models and their applications, the CodeMeter Runtime variants and the Protection Suite. There is plenty of room for questions and we are looking forward to a nice interactive and informative day.
Day 2: Practical Workshop
This day we want to dive deeper with you into the aspects of CodeMeter that are most interesting for your specific projects. Please tell us which topics would be revelant for you to cover in the form below.
Day 1 Day 2 (please pick topics below) 
Software Integration with API and AxProtector (.NET, JAVA, C, C++, C# or other)
Maximizing the protection level of your applications with the new tools provided by Blurry Box cryptography
Back-Office Integration with CodeMeter License Central (connecting the CLC with your CRM, ERP or webshop)
Best Practices in Licensing (Licensing Models, Options and Management)
CodeMeter for embedded software and platforms
Other: fill in below

*€ 149,- per person per day. Hotel, breakfast, lunch & dinner is included.