SPS IPC Drives Italia 2018

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2018-05-22 - 2018-05-24
Fiere di Parma, Parma, Italy

Already in its eighth iteration, SPS IPC Drives Italia continues to charge ahead and ride the crest of the wave of digitalization in the industrial world. This year, the show pays particular attention to all of the new automation technologies that are powering such groundbreaking concepts like know-how 4.0 and smart factories.

A long-standing presence at the expo’s twin event in Nuremberg, Germany, Wibu-Systems now makes a splash in Italy, where it will exhibit its technologies in the shared space of the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg in hall 3, booth E062a.

Wibu-Systems at the service of industrial automation and digitalization

With almost 30 years at the forefront of the fight against software piracy, reverse engineering, and tampering, Wibu-Systems is putting its expertise at the service of Industrie 4.0. Its flagship technology for license lifecycle and entitlement management, CodeMeter, is a perfect partner also for embedded systems, PLCs, and microcontrollers. Wibu-Systems’ versatile, multiple award-winning suite of software and hardware solutions equips software and intelligent device makers with robust integrity protections for digital assets (software, firmware, and data) and fits in efficiently with existing back office systems (ERP, CRM, and e-commerce): the ticket to new markets and new sustainable cash flow sources.

Innovations of Wibu-Systems at SPS IPC Drives Italia 2018

  • CodeMeter Embedded 2.1: With the new product structure and sales model of CodeMeter Embedded 2.1, makers of intelligent devices can now employ the SDK they need for the operational systems and architectures of their choice and immediately start testing the ideal solution for the secure creation of licenses on all mainstream platforms in the field.
  • CmStick/B and CmStick/BMC: Wibu-Systems’ newest hardware for secure cryptographic key storage and licenses combine a groundbreaking SiP (System in Package) design with Infineon’s SLM97 controller, a USB 3.1 interface, and optional 2-bit MLC flash memory with a capacity of 2 GB, Hyperstone’s U9 flash controller, and hyMap® firmware.
  • CodeMeter integrated with Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) on Windows allows ISVs to not only use a hidden RAM area to store their sensitive data, but also a Binding Extension enclave, a specially protected storage area that stops code from being accessed, debugged, or tampered with in memory and protects the memory itself.
  • CodeMeter integrated with Siemens’ TIA Portal: With a super-user placed in charge of creating passwords and setting usage restrictions, regular users can be assigned passwords without having to know the contents. The users then activate these passwords and keep them in a dedicated hardware element they have been supplied with; the passwords are assigned on a per-project basis and can be easily time-limited, modified, or revoked by the super-user.
  • CodeMeter integrated with the PLCnext controller systems of Phoenix Contact : In its quest to offer a more modular, scalable, and efficient PC Worx Engineer, protect its own expertise, and link up with the various ERP systems in use at different sites, Phoenix Contact relies on CodeMeter for licensing purposes, with strong cryptography, secure hardware and software elements, and a cloud-based management system.

Meet the Experts of Wibu-Systems at SPS IPC Drives Italia

Come to our booth E062a in Hall 3 to meet up close and personal with some of the main actors of Wibu-Systems and discuss current market trends, future prospects, and new opportunities for your business.

Be there at 10:30 am of every day of the show for a demonstration at our exhibit: you will see how easy it is to create licenses via the cloud and transfer them to IoT devices, using different types of licenses, from permanent, pay-per-use, or time-bound licenses to features on-demand licenses.

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