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GLASER – Germany – Civil engineering

Protection implementation and CRM integration for CAD applications, Thanks to the comprehensiveness of CodeMeter AxProtector, Glaser migrated from a different protection technology and enjoys new numerous functions.

CAD-program systems for Constructive Civil Engineering.

A road to endless success

The challenge

The -isb cad- 2013 CAD software is based on the latest .NET technology and should be reliably and securely protected from piracy and reverse engineering. Flexible licensing should be available to provide customers with optimal scalability of the program packages and the required use models. License generation and distribution should be integrated into the sales processes. The switch from the previous protection system was to be completed in accordance with the product release cycle. Prior to the release of -isb cad- 2013, the existing dongles of several thousand users had to be replaced by new ones.

The solution

The encryption of methods in the various modules can be controlled by attributes in the source code. Users quickly became familiar with the easy-to-use high performance AxProtector and the CodeMeter Software Protection API. Wibu-Systems’ support provided expert help at all stages.

The success

Optimized processes and the broad functional scope of the Wibu-Systems CodeMeter platform cut selling costs and facilitate the development of new sales concepts. The CmSticks with their high quality laser marked metal housing or the extra small CmStick/C promote customer awareness of the GLASER -isb cad- brand.

Matthias Glaser,
Graduate Engineer, 
CEO of GLASER -isb cad- Programmsysteme GmbH

“Use of CodeMeter allows us to provide reliable customized -isb cad- licensing. Remote updates improve the efficiency of the distribution channels which means our customers receive their products even quicker. We are strongly positioned to handle the new challenges of the IT landscape, catchword virtualization and terminal server solutions. The Wibu-Systems team’s comprehensive and dedicated support during all phases of the migration project was exemplary and helped us achieve our project goals within a tight timeline.”

The customer

GLASER -isb cad- Programmsysteme GmbH is a specialist for the development of user-friendly and practice-oriented construction planning software. The company produces CAD software for positioning, formwork, armoring, and detail planning for construction engineers.

Over the last three decades, GLASER -isb cad-, a highly efficient CAD application, has made the company a competent partner for more than 10000 users across the German speaking countries as well as Poland, Russia, and Romania.   

GLASER -isb cad- Programmsysteme GmbH cooperates with Trimble Solutions Corp. as a partner for the 3D BIM software Tekla Structures and the Trimble Connect collaborative platform and acts as a consultant for Building Information Modeling (BIM)

CAD-program systems for Constructive Civil Engineering.

What is behind Glaser’s resolution of 2012?

Developers’ point of view for CodeMeter qualification “The root cause for the switch to a new software licensing solution was the migration of -isb cad- to the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0, which Hardlock did not support. The protection in place was not offering encryption in accordance with the current standards. Moreover there was no guarantee that drivers for upcoming operating systems would be developed, and the support was no longer in line with the quality performance we were familiar with.

For the qualification process which took place in spring 2012, the R&D team at Glaser compared the protection system in use with Wibu-Systems’ and concentrated on the following main criteria:

In the past we often experienced issues with the Hardlock driver. Hence the driverless concept impressed us immediately. Then came the pleasant surprise of flexible switch from stand alone to network users. Which would also result in considerable cost saving. And last but not least what made us decide for Wibu-Systems was the German native support for developers and end users. 

We have soon felt at ease with Wibu-Systems. A corporate philosophy alike ours and the typical familiar atmosphere increased our level of trust.”

Implementation of the protection methods

“Replacing all dongles would prove to be a great logistic challenge. Initially Glaser started by shifting its application developed in the “old“ VB6 to CodeMeter, and then they switched from Hardlock to CodeMeter. At the end of 2012 the new .NET application was delivered, and all customers had CodeMeter fully in place. Unlike in the past when CDs had to be shipped to customers, all license information is now stored directly within CodeMeter dongles. Customers can directly download the program from Glaser’s website anytime. Glaser still deploys an installation package, which is the same for all customers, regardless of what they have actually purchased and been licensed. The license is then updated remotely or through an email activation process.”

Integration in Customer Relationship Management

“To manage the connection with our customers we wanted to be extremely efficient and have therefore developed a solution of our own in .NET and C# with the aid of CodeMeter Programming API and Code API. When it came to the implementation, the examples provided and the excellent support delivered by Wibu-Systems have been priceless. These solutions have allowed us to reach an optimal and higher level of integration.”

Dipl.-Ing. Arnold Dittmann,
Development Engineer GLASER -isb cad-