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Celebrating Wibu-Systems’ 30th Anniversary

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1989-2019: A new milestone on Wibu-Systems’ path towards embracing its role as the fully dedicated global leader in secure license management. Over the last three decades, our company has kept true to its identity by leveraging business, technology, and team continuity. We have built and shaped a network of channel partners that have been with us for the entire journey and that our international customers have come to trust as their local centers of excellence. While we maintain our commitment to supporting our legacy technology, which is still available and continually updated even after 30 years, we also offer smooth migration options to our latest groundbreaking innovations. We have been cultivating a professional, inspired, and cohesive team that continues to excel at delivering cutting edge services and guiding our customers year after year in bringing their protection, licensing, and security projects to fruition.

Security Made in Germany

Wibu-Systems has always been a believer in and guardian of high-quality standards. Besides the numerous certifications we have attained, our entire team is uncompromising in its dedication to “Security Made in Germany”. Products made in Germany are respected the world over as the epitome of reliability and durability above and beyond the industry standard. While Wibu-Systems will always think globally when it comes to growing our market, our German roots are visible in the complete product release workflow, from the genius ideas coming from our resident team to the development of our hardware and software solutions. For all of them, we count on our skilled team in Karlsruhe and a supply chain that keeps all sensitive processes under the strictest control of our headquarter team.

What’s next in store for Wibu-Systems?

Our customers as well as our solution and channel partners can rest assured in our total commitment to remain a financially independent and profitable company, to conquer new markets and open new regional offices, to keep ahead of the curve with pioneering inventions and industry-grade, fully compliant form factors, to be open for discussion and accommodate the specific needs of our clients, to deliver avantgarde technology in record time, and to prove our security claims with encryption methods like the Kerckhoffs’ Principle.

But there’s more: Wibu-Systems is already laying the foundation for our next endeavor. The House of IT Security that will soon be built in close proximity to our new company headquarters will host a select group of ICT security companies and become a hub for innovation that will attract brilliant minds, investments, and worldwide attention.