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New Paths to Monetization with the Convergence of Online and Offline Licensing


Only a few years ago, it was the norm to install applications and games on local computers and use them completely offline. Nowadays, some applications and games only run in a cloud-based SaaS environment or in a hybrid mode relying on the computing power that comes from the cloud. While this new type of application has established itself rapidly in the consumer field, the business sector has been rather less receptive to this trend. However, recent surveys and studies indicate that this behavior will change in the coming years.

In your role as software publisher, you will find yourself wondering whether offline applications will be completely replaced by online applications, and what impact online applications will have on the licensing, protection, and monetization requirements for your software?

Here come the good news! With CodeMeter, we have you covered. With the same technology, we address both the online and the offline world. The processes and interfaces we deploy are also exactly the same in both environments, making it extremely easy to migrate business models to the cloud. In essence, CodeMeter supports the following scenarios:

  • Activation of offline applications via file exchange
  • Delivery of pre-programmed dongles for offline applications
  • Online activation and online updating for offline applications
  • Online licensing of SaaS applications
  • Online licensing for hybrid and mobile applications
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Regardless of whether you are licensing offline, SaaS, or mobile applications, CodeMeter will come in handy. CodeMeter Cloud Lite, the youngest member of our CodeMeter product family, is primarily intended for the online licensing of SaaS applications. The webinar will cover the architecture and functionality of CodeMeter Cloud Lite and how to integrate it into your SaaS application. We will simulate the integration process and step into the ISV‘s and the user’s shoes to demonstrate the lean user experience we have created for both roles.

Here are the main cornerstones of our next masterclass:

  • Use cases of CodeMeter Cloud Lite
  • Architecture and system overview
  • Interfaces to SSO solutions
  • Integration of CodeMeter Cloud Lite into applications to be licensed
  • Assignment of licenses to users by means of a management application
  • Application to offline scenarios
  • Application to mobile scenarios
  • Assessment for the ISV

The 360 degree integration of CodeMeter Cloud Lite into the core technology of CodeMeter includes CodeMeter License Central as well. CodeMeter License Central provides a centralized set of tools for creating, managing, and delivering licenses. These licenses can be used with CodeMeter Cloud Lite online in the cloud, with CodeMeter Runtime offline on standard computers, with CodeMeter Embedded on embedded and mobile devices, and with CodeMeter μEmbedded in microcontrollers. And best of all, the processes are identical and the licenses are compatible with each other.

As licensing in the cloud becomes a popular trend, CodeMeter has something unique to offer in the global market; by staying true to our principles of uniformity, comprehensiveness, simplicity, uniqueness, and continuity, we have created a cloud licensing solution that perfectly serves gradual or full migrations of your customers from offline to online and still provides the same seamless user experience you are already used to.